Taking Sexy Away

My wife recently came across this article, exposing the homophobia and inconsistency in Apple’s policy of approving applications (or “apps,” as they like to call them). This is apparently part of the “revolution” that includes “freedom from porn.” Kind of an odd statement, as I would imagine most people who download porn apps WANT to see them. If Apple has a competitor that forces porn on unsuspecting users, I’d like to hear about it. Not to mention that anyone can get porn on the Web anyway, and sometimes it kind of IS involuntary there.

Now, I don’t know for sure that Apple isn’t doing anything that other companies aren’t also doing. My problem here is the smug, self-satisfied way that Steve Jobs defends his attempts to play Big Brother, insisting that he’s only thinking of the children (okay, why would a child need an iPhone, anyway?), and that his “motives are pure.” I think he was actually quoted out of context there, and what he really said is, “Our motives are pure evil.”

Seriously, though, I have to say I’ve been bothered by some time by how Apple tries to present itself as the friendly computer company that cares about its customers, and flowers appear wherever Jobs walks. Come on, Jobs and company, you’re just as motivated by profit as anyone else. I don’t think Apple is WORSE than just about any other corporation, but their attempts to pretend that they’re genuinely nice guys get on my nerves. By the way, Apple, if you want to sell us on the friendliness angle, how come the Mac in the commercials is a smug bastard and the PC lovably awkward?

The smugness factor is certainly not limited to Jobs and Apple, mind you. Right now, it seems that the smuggest executive in the world is probably Tony Hayward, who is basically just laughing off the BP oil spill, and spending craploads of money to try to repair the company’s image.
<img src=
You know what would help your image? Doing something about all that oil you spilled into the Gulf of Mexico.

From my own perspective, though, I have to say I was inclined to hate BP even before the spill, because, well, it’s an oil company. I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of predisposed to not exactly have the most tender feelings toward one of the most obvious symbols of corporate greed and the stranglehold of business over government. So why even bother with the PR campaign? I hate oil companies, but I still need to put gas in my car. So maybe, instead of trying to present a squeaky-clean image for an inherently filthy product, the oil executives should concentrate on keeping their prices low. In fact, it might just be a good idea for executives to shut up in general. Remember the controversy caused by the CEO of Whole Foods saying he didn’t want poor people to have health care? Hey, that didn’t even have anything to do with your absurdly overpriced grocery store, so why even go on the record with it?

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1 Response to Taking Sexy Away

  1. vilajunkie says:

    All kinds of wrong. This kind of crap makes me froth at the mouth, so I won’t say anymore. You’ve pretty much said everything for me.

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