A New Low for Lohan

I suppose you all know by now that Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to ninety days in jail for violating her probation. Probably too busy drinking to attend alcohol counseling sessions. I have to wonder why this amuses so many people (including me), since it’s not like Lohan ever did anything to us. I think it might just be a result of the general presentation of Hollywood celebrities as Better Than You, so when it turns out one of them is actually Worse Than You, there’s a certain sense of schadenfreude. What’s weird is that I remember reading an article several years ago from when Lohan was still a hot commodity, saying that she was the one of the young Disney starlets who would probably actually have a lasting career. So much for that, I guess.

I tend to have a hard time sympathizing with drug addicts, since no one made them take drugs in the first place. They did something they knew to be dangerous, and it caught up with them. Kind of seems deserved, doesn’t it? And really, it might be even harder to sympathize when the person is rich. If shooting up is the only way you have to escape your bleak reality, I still don’t recommend it, but I can understand. I don’t know that I can for rich celebrities who spend most of their time in a fantasy world anyway. Maybe that’s just my own bias, though. I don’t know a whole lot about Lohan, but I get the impression she needs psychiatric help, not recreational drug use. I can’t help feeling bad for her in a way, but I also think a lot of the dumb choices she made should have been easy to avoid. I have to suspect her family might also be partially to blame, though. I mean, her dad had been arrested for both drunk driving and insider trading. And it’s not like incarceration for drug charges will ruin a career. Just ask Robert Downey Jr., who’s now starring in approximately eighty movies per year.

Another reason why I can’t feel too bad about celebrities getting into legal trouble is that they’re pretty much always just given a slap on the wrist. How many celebrities have actually served their entire jail sentence? I think Martha Stewart might have, but that woman is as tough as nails. Paris Hilton served, what, four days of a forty-five-day sentence?

They’re also saying Charlie Sheen might be able to serve most of his time doing community service, and he committed a violent crime. (Seriously, I hate that guy. Usually when I say I “hate” a celebrity, I don’t really mean it, but I genuinely do with that lowlife. Also Mel Gibson.)

And even when they are incarcerated, I don’t think their jail time s anything like what they show on Lockup. Justice may be blind, but she’s still willing to bend over backwards for anyone rich and/or famous.

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6 Responses to A New Low for Lohan

  1. vilajunkie says:

    Funny! The picture of Lohan in the Chicago Tribune today showed her with a strangely shaped, fat lip. Either she’s been doing collagen injections, or that’s where she likes to shoot up other things. I can’t get over how crappy she looks in the picture you have up above.

    I wonder if Martha wanted to spend that time in jail. She came back bigger than ever it seems, so maybe it actually helped her career.

    • Nathan says:

      Hey, maybe going to jail with help Lohan’s career, too! But maybe what really killed her career wasn’t the drugs, but rather that they ran out of old children’s movies to remake. {g}

  2. babytyche08 says:

    Hopefully she’ll learn her lesson and start changing for the good after her 90 days on jail.

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