I want to dedicate this post now to the undisputed queen and kings of the back beat, Terri and the Possibilities

Here are three new album reviews for you good people. And bad people, for that matter.

Black Francis, NonStopErotik – I actually didn’t know about this album until seeing it in a music store this week. I remember reading on the Frank Black Forum about an album he was making with Eric Drew Feldman, but I haven’t been keeping up with the forum recently. As indicated by the title, this album is primarily about sex. As for the sound, Francis has experimented with both mellow and loud records as of late, and this is somewhere in between. Pretty much every Frank Black/Black Francis album takes some time to grow on me, and I’ve only listened to it thrice so far. As of now, “Six Legged Man” stands out as a particularly good song, and it’s nice to have a studio version of “Dead Man’s Curve.”

The Ditty Bops, The Color Album – This newest release by Abby and Amanda is a concept album with one song for each color of the rainbow, plus an eighth song focusing on pink. If you thought the Ditty Bops were too twee and cutesy on previous releases, well, if anything they’re even more so on this one. I think it’s a pretty solid record, though, if a bit on the short side. I do hope, however, that if they put out any other albums, there’s a little more musical variety.

Rasputina, Sister Kinderhook – If you’ve heard previous Rasputina albums, this one doesn’t really deviate from their typical sound. While it didn’t grab me upon first listen as much as some of their records, I quite enjoy the songs “Holocaust of Giants” and “Snow-Hen of Austerlitz.” I believe this is the first Rasputina record with a male second-chair cellist, which makes me wonder how difficult Melora Creager is to work with. Has she ostracized every female cellist in the region? Or maybe it’s not about her in particular, but that the cellists want to move on to other things. I understand that Zoe Keating, second chair on Frustration Plantation and A Radical Recital, just put out a solo album.

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4 Responses to I want to dedicate this post now to the undisputed queen and kings of the back beat, Terri and the Possibilities

  1. vilajunkie says:

    What kind of music would you describe these bands as? Who do you think sounds similar?

    • Nathan says:

      Well, Black Francis is the lead singer of the Pixies, but his solo work tends to be not as noisy. The Ditty Bops have kind of an old-fashioned and unashamedly cute sound. Rasputina is cello-based rock. I’m not sure what I’d compare them to.

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