Recruitment Problems for the League of Darkness

We now follow up a post on the history of Islam with one on a Saturday morning cartoon show from the early nineties. This blog sure is wacky, huh? {g}

We’re told that, in Captain N, Mother Brain basically has all the worst video game villains on her side. Here’s how the comic puts it:

The League of Darkness is never mentioned in the cartoon, but I believe it did appear in some of the promotional material. But is this really a single deadly alliance of villains from different worlds? Look at who we see in the monitors. King Hippo is one of the boxers from Punch-Out, but not the end boss. (That would be Mike Tyson, but they probably didn’t have the license to use him even if they’d wanted to.) Eggplant Wizard and Uranos are actually both generic Kid Icarus enemies, usually showing up in groups in the fortress stages. I guess Donkey Kong counts as an end boss, but hardly a major force of evil, and he usually wasn’t on Mother Brain’s side anyway. In fact, I don’t think we ever see them working together in the comics, and the only time they did in the cartoon was in the Videolympics episode. He’s usually a neutral character, more or less.

Since the cartoon was able to incorporate games made by other companies, it expanded Mother Brain’s forces a bit, but not by all that much. Dr. Wily did show up as a henchman for the Brain on many occasions, and he really IS a major video game villain.

We occasionally see the Count (never called Dracula in the show, although that’s obviously who he’s supposed to be) helping out the villainous brain, and Malkil and the Dragonlord ally themselves with her in one episode each.

She also tries to recruit Ganon, but he wants none of it.

It really doesn’t seem like she has a League of Darkness on her side, but merely a few permanent allies and henchmen (most of whom aren’t even main bosses) and some other temporary ones. No wonder they were rarely much of a challenge for the N Team. With all the games that have demon lords as the main villains, you’d think she might be able to do a little better, but maybe the truly evil beings were reluctant to ally themselves with a jive-talking brain in a jar.

Dude, Chaos wasn’t even IN the Final Fantasy episode! What’s with that?

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6 Responses to Recruitment Problems for the League of Darkness

  1. vilajunkie says:

    What? No Chaos?! How dare they!

    When did this cartoon air? Could they have used other villains from Final Fantasy? Say, Garland?

    • Nathan says:

      That particular episode, “The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N,” was actually the last one aired, first broadcast in 1991. The first Final Fantasy was probably the only one the writers would have been familiar with at the time, although there were a few other games in Japan, and FF4J/2US came out the same year. The episode dealt pretty much entirely with the ElfLand part of the game, and Astos was the villain.

      • vilajunkie says:

        I remember Astos being a lot harder to kill in FF4 (JPN)/FF2 (USA) than in FF1. I mean, you needed to go on a quest to find a magical harp that ChrisEdward could play for you just to make him vulnerable to physical attacks.

      • Nathan says:

        Is the Dark Elf in FF4 ever identified with Astos? I don’t remember having to find the harp to beat him; Edward just had it. Maybe it’s different in remakes of the game, though.

      • vilajunkie says:

        I think he was renamed Astos the Dark Elf in the GBA version and DS version. You had to find a second harp (the Twin Harp?) that you used while Edward played on his own harp. Or something like that. But I remember needing to find a magical harp that mimicked another harp that Edward already had.

      • Nathan says:

        You know, I played through that part of the GBA version, and I honestly can’t remember how it worked. That game in general is pretty straightforward, though.

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