The Blood of Kings

If the monarchical system is obsessed with one thing, it’s bloodlines. And if it’s obsessed with two things, the other one is authority from God. So it’s no surprise that a few different royal families traced their lineage to King David, whom the Bible presents as God’s favorite king, with a line of royal descendants that would continue forever.

The Imperial House of Ethiopia claims descent from King Solomon by way of Menelik, his son with the Queen of Sheba.

This royal line isn’t known to have held power prior to 1270 AD, but that’s a minor detail. The Bagrationi Dynasty of Georgia claims descent from descendants of David who migrated from Judah to Georgia and Armenia. Also involved in playing this game is the British royal family, whose supposed 3000-year-old ancestry is documented on several conspiratorial websites with poor design.

According to the British Israelites, Tea Tephi, the daughter of Zedekiah of Judah, married Héremón, King of Munster, and moved to Ireland with him.

She brought with her the rock from Bethel on which Jacob once rested, which became the Stone of Scone.

They in turn were the ancestors of the Scottish monarchs, including Duncan, the guy killed in battle with Macbeth (not stabbed in bed by Macbeth himself, as Shakespeare had it). When James VI of Scotland became James I of England, he completed the connection between David and the rulers of England. What I have to wonder is how many supporters of this connection were antisemitic. In the old European world, being descended from Jews was awesome, but actually BEING Jewish was terrible. Please don’t ask me how that makes sense, because that kind of prejudicial conspiracy never does.

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5 Responses to The Blood of Kings

  1. vilajunkie says:

    And they realize we (all of us, including those hated Jews) are all descendants of African people from millions of years ago, right? But, oh yeah, that would mean accepting evolutionary biology.

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