Bringing Ozzy Back

Here are some reviews of a few Oz-related items:

Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road, by F. Douglas Wall – This the guidebook for an Oz role-playing game, an idea that I’ve seen come up from time to time, but I have to give credit to Douglas for actually getting something published. Also, I helped out a bit on writing and fact-checking, so that MUST mean it’s good, right? {g} I have to say that I really don’t know how well the role-playing rules would actually work, but the unusual aspects of Oz are incorporated quite adeptly, so it doesn’t just come across as Dungeons & Dragons with Oz characters thrown in, or anything like that. There are also descriptions of various Ozian locations and suggestions as to how they can fit into campaigns, as well as a sample adventure called “The Jaded City of Oz.” Fantasy role-playing is something I’ve always wanted to try, but I don’t know anyone who’s likely to have any interest in an Oz-related game, unless there’s a way I can play this online.

Ozopolis, Issue #1 – The start of a new comic series (well, hopefully, anyway) based directly on the Oz books, which is definitely welcome. The writer obviously knows the characters, too, as the Sawhorse, the Woozy, the Glass Cat, and Tik-Tok all have major roles. They work to save the field-mice from clockwork wildcats made by the Copper Man’s co-creator Mr. Tinker, who turns out to be an unwilling pawn in a larger plot. The art shows John R. Neill influence, while also having more of a modern comic style.

How the Wizard Saved Oz, by Donald Abbott – Like its predecessor How the Wizard Came to Oz (and probably Abbott’s other books as well, but I’ve only read the two How the Wizard ones), it’s slight but pretty fun. The Wizard, still a humbug at this point, uses skills he learned in the circus to save the field-mice (yes, them again) from imprisonment by Mombi and General Riskitt (a character from the 1902 Wizard of Oz stage play, re-imagined by Abbott as Pastoria’s treacherous half-brother). I do have to wonder why this book’s explanation as to what happened to Pastoria doesn’t at all match with the one in Lost King, but perhaps it’s just a false rumor spread by Mombi to throw potential seekers off the track. The illustrations are Abbott’s typical Denslow imitations, which are mostly predictable, but it’s interesting to get a glance at the Wogglebug as Denslow might have drawn him.

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5 Responses to Bringing Ozzy Back

  1. vilajunkie says:

    These all sound interesting! The first and the last ones I heard of, but I had no idea there was another Oz comic in the works.

    • Nathan says:

      This looks to be a good time for fans of Oz and comics, especially considering how many are coming out that AREN’T a twisted view on the land, like Oz Squad or Dark Oz.

  2. There are actually quite a few new Oz books out there, with more on the way.

    I would ask you to consider taking a look at my books of Oz and reviewing them as well.

    The Royal Magician of Oz trilogy is a 3 volume tale of magic and wonder that recalls the cherished values of friendship, loyalty and courage. This timeless tale of Oz reminds us of the value of overcoming our deepest fears and conquering the challenges that might otherwise defeat us.
    Volume One, Magician of Oz and Volume Two, Shadow Demon of Oz are now available for your reading enjoyment.
    Volume Three, Family of Oz is due to be released in early 2011.

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