A Little Less Conversation, a Little More Jackson

Yesterday, I finally got around to watching the Percy Jackson movie. It wasn’t as bad as I feared, but also not as good as it could have been. I mean, I thought the books were great, or I probably wouldn’t have even bothered seeing the film. The commercials made it sound like the dialogue was going to be kind of flat, and the opening scene with Zeus and Poseidon having a chat didn’t do much to dispel this notion.

Apparently Hollywood gods are required to talk as if they have poles up their holy asses. It was better once we got into the main story, though, and I thought the leads did a good job. I do think the movie removed some character nuance by having Percy and Annabeth immediately attracted to each other and making Luke kind of a jerk from the beginning. I get the impression, however, that in spite of the unwieldy title pretty much screaming out “series,” that the filmmakers realized the movie might not be a hit (which it wasn’t, at least as far as I know), and made it a stand-alone that didn’t require sequels. That’s probably why they totally disregarded the ongoing Kronos plot, and stuck in the battle with the Hydra that actually didn’t happen until the second book. If that’s the case, though, wouldn’t you think they’d want to feature as many gods as they could? Even Dionysus and Ares, who had fairly significant roles in the book, only showed up very briefly at the Olympian council meeting. At least I assume they were there; they really didn’t do much to distinguish most of the particular gods. Come to think of it, Dionysus’ Roman counterpart Bacchus was cut from the Prince Caspian movie. Is there no room in modern cinema for an alcoholic deity?

As far as visuals go…well, they were passable, I suppose. I mean, they did a decent enough job at rendering a computer-generated Minotaur and Hydra, but there wasn’t anything particularly creative in their designs.

Uma Thurman’s Medusa, with CGI snakes awkwardly added to her head, didn’t really work.

Also, why show us hellhounds and not Cerberus? Isn’t that kind of a tease? I guess my final verdict is this film was okay, but really missed a lot of opportunities.

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5 Responses to A Little Less Conversation, a Little More Jackson

  1. vilajunkie says:

    Uma Thurman?! Ugh. What is Hollywood’s fascination with her? I really don’t consider her all that pretty. It’s not even so much the big-nose thing. I just think she’s too tall and skinny. And it looks like they were trying very hard to make her pretty and recognizable versus a monster.

    • Nathan says:

      I’ve seen depictions of Medusa where she was attractive aside from her hair, but yeah, I think they made too much of an effort to keep Uma recognizable. I have no idea why they chose her, but it wasn’t her first time playing a character from Greco-Roman mythology.

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