We Ain’t Got No Brains and We Ain’t Got No Hearts

A Refugee in Oz, by Kim McFarland – When Nomes invade the peaceful oasis in the Deadly Desert that serves as home to the Madou, a blue-skinned tribe that uses magic in everyday life, an apprentice named Kokoro journeys to Oz for help. This leads to Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Woodman invading the Nome Kingdom, only to find that Ruggedo is back on the throne and meaner than ever. In an attempt to regain the Magic Belt, he tries to destroy both the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman, and succeeds in doing away with the brains and heart they received from the Wizard of Oz. Although the Wizard was a humbug when he provided these items, the two crafted people believe in them to the extent that they become basket cases without them. The tale provides an interesting and believable take on these familiar characters, and we also get to see the Patchwork Girl’s practical side. The author shows a familiarity with details in the series, like the Tin Woodman’s nickel plating and the ritual for getting the Magic Belt to grant wishes. There’s also an origin story for the Woozy. Aside from not being quite sure how chickens could manage to fly across the desert, I can’t say I have any particular complaints about this one.

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9 Responses to We Ain’t Got No Brains and We Ain’t Got No Hearts

  1. Jared Davis says:

    I loved this one! Make sure you check the latest podcast sometime, the author’s on it.

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  3. vilajunkie says:

    This sounds like a non-canonical story I would really be able to get into. :)

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