It’s the Halloween Season

With Halloween coming up at the end of the month, it’s about time for me to make my typical rant about how absurd it is when hardcore Christians act like it’s some kind of Satanic celebration. This is especially ridiculous when a good many of the costumes you see kids wearing these days aren’t even supposed to be scary. You have children dressing up as licensed characters and only really caring about the candy.

And everyone says CHRISTMAS has gotten too commercial! Above all, the way Halloween has developed, it’s supposed to be a fun holiday. And in a way, I think that’s what the fundamentalists are really concerned about. The belief that having fun is antithetical to devotion to God continues lumbering around like a zombie. It’s more difficult to defend that idea these days, however, so the people who support it have to disguise it as something else. Maybe I’m wrong, though. Maybe some people really DO think putting on a mask and asking for candy is a gateway to Hell, but if that’s so, I have to ask how that would be. Are costumes a sin now? I don’t remember that being one of the Ten Commandments. I’ve heard of churches trying to replace Halloween with events called things like “Fall Festival.” Yeah, because THAT doesn’t sound pagan at all. :P Even if the ancient Druids really DID practice human sacrifice for Samhain (and I’m not sure there’s any real evidence that they did), is that really relevant?

Do the same people criticize Christmas because it used to be a time for the peasants to act rowdy? I guess the Jehovah’s Witnesses hate all holidays, but most denominations pick and choose. From what I’ve seen, the early church was reluctant to get rid of any holidays, so they’d usually just work Jesus into an already existing celebration. If it weren’t for this, the last day of October wouldn’t be called “All Hallows’ Eve” in the first place. Yes, Halloween definitely has pagan origins, as do Christmas and Easter. In fact, in the latter case, they didn’t even bother to give it a Christian name.

One of the most visible Halloween haters is, of course, our old pal Jack Chick.

He’s put out a lot of anti-Halloween tracts, ranging from stupid to funny, and often both at the same time. Chick seems to have mixed feelings about Halloween, presenting it as evil and Satanic, yet also promoting it as a good opportunity to sneak tracts into kids’ candy collections. The Halloween tract Chick is featuring this year is a rather silly one (and at least partially intentionally so, I’m sure) called “Stinky.” The third in command of Hell (would that make him Leviathan?) sends his underling Stinky to Earth to get a birthday present for Satan. (This isn’t the first time Chick has referred to Halloween as Satan’s birthday, and I’m not sure where he got this idea.) Stinky screws up comically, and ends up bringing Chick Tracts into Hell, which makes the big guy really pissed off. Now THERE’S some shameless self-promotion! We also learn from this that angels guard the house of true believers to stop demons from entering. You’d think they’d have more important things to do, but there you go. This one is actually quite mild as far as the Halloween tracts go, lacking the typical child murders and anti-Druid propaganda. Could our favorite evangelist be getting softer on Halloween in his old age?

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5 Responses to It’s the Halloween Season

  1. vilajunkie says:

    “Do the same people criticize Christmas because it used to be a time for the peasants to act rowdy?”

    Maybe not any of the Christians these days, or at least not any of the still-sane ones, but Christmas was extremely forbidden as a festival-like holiday during the time of the Puritans. In those days, Christmas was just as rowdy or even more so than Halloween is today. In fact, a lot of the customs associated with Christmas at that time were no different than ones we associate with Halloween today. Part of the reason why General Washington was so successful on that Christmas raid was because the Americans only prayed during Mass on Christmas Eve and it was the British and German soldiers that made a spectacle of Christmas all day on the 24th and 25th. Just about everything associated with the festival side of Christmas was banned until the German and Dutch immigrants held more power in the colonial states, and so Christmas was “revived” in Victorian times.

  2. Christmas Boy says:

    Interestingly enough Halloween began as a Jewish holiday to commemorate the Great Flood. the death association was from the death of the old world. Few Christians know that and I get into debates with them about Halloween. I happen to be a Christian but Halloween doen’t bother me. It all comes down to the intent of the people and most intend to have fun and dress up as fun characters. That’s not at all Satanic. There still may be people into Satanic stuff on All Hollow’s Eve but I’m sure they do such things on other days of he year too. Big whoop.

    • Nathan says:

      What was the Jewish holiday called, then?

      • Christmas Boy says:

        I’ll have to look it up for the name. It’s in one of my books on world religions and it always got me that Christians bash Halloween and embrace Christmas and in truth Haloween has more direct roots to them than Christmas does as a date The Hebrews are the first documented culture with this day of death and the reason it was accepted into European culture when the catholics took over. Isn’t it interesting that most cultures on earth associate this time of yar with death/rebirth? There’s usually a holy day after the death day.

      • Nathan says:

        It’s a seasonal thing, I suppose.

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