Lousy Immigants! I Knew It Was Them!

When dealing with the issue of illegal immigration, it’s obvious that there’s a significant number of people for whom the illegality is just an excuse, and it’s really just people they consider to be somehow “other” to whom they object. When you get someone like Bill O’Reilly who actually seems concerned that white people are no longer going to be a majority in this country in a few years, that’s some thinly veiled racism. What, does he think that, if there are more people of Latin American than European heritage, it means all the Gaps will be replaced with sombrero stores? In some cases, however, you get people who at least claim to care about the “illegal” part, not the “immigrant” part. Now, I have to say that borders seem rather arbitrary and ridiculous to me, so I’m kind of biased. Still, I can understand why someone who DOES go about the process of immigrating in the legal fashion, with all the paperwork and such, might be miffed that someone else did the same thing for free because they essentially cheated. Still, shouldn’t you concentrate on yourself, rather than criticizing other people? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, and all that? Why be so concerned about what other people are doing, especially when they don’t get much out of it? And I’m really not sure why born American citizens are so concerned about illegal immigration. YOU didn’t have to do anything to live here, so why be so hard on other people who don’t want to have to do anything to live here? Sometimes I think people who were born here should also have to take citizenship tests. If you fail, you can go live on an island that hasn’t been claimed by a nation. Or the Moon, perhaps.

That would probably end up backfiring on me, though.

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4 Responses to Lousy Immigants! I Knew It Was Them!

  1. vilajunkie says:

    The problem with employers hiring illegal immigrants without doing a background check is that the employers are guilty of…treason? *shrug* But an employer who wants to investigate an employee or potential employee who they are concerned might be illegal, and the employee DOES turn out to be legal, can be sued for racial profiling and maybe even hate crimes. So it’s a no-win situation for employers, unless they’re US citizens who only hire family members that are US citizens.

    • Nathan says:

      Isn’t it pretty typical to run background checks on all applicants?

      • vilajunkie says:

        Credit checks or searches on Facebook, maybe, but full criminal background checks which need the compliance and signature of an employee are more likely in certain professions (especially anything involving children, handling weapons, or access to financial and government secrets). Really the only times I needed to submit fingerprint records were student teaching while in college and working as a teacher’s aide at a private school–I don’t think I even needed fingerprints for observation hours at my old middle school, but I could be wrong. I think drug tests are a lot more common.

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