I Came, I Saw, I Tried a Different Search

Here’s another round of search terms that led people to my blog:

yo-yo throw
goombario, goombella, and goomba king
original wicked witch of the west – “Original” as in the one in the book, or as in the person who held the post before her?
tomahawk super mario
new pac-man show characters
jared gregory davis video games and porn – I don’t know what the middle name is of the Jared Davis who maintains the Royal Blog of Oz, but I suspect it isn’t the same guy.
lake space dog
the magic house full episode
do make sphere christmas
wiccan babies – My favorite Saturday morning cartoon from the eighties!
history of lucufer
skeleton tiger png
adamantine armor egypt
super mario bros 2 mask
super mario dinosaurier – Is a dinosaurier to dinosaurs as a shepherd is to sheep?
an cartoon/looks real greek god hera
yoshi in love – I’ve seen some indications that Yoshi and Birdo might be a couple.

3d buddha – Before achieving nirvana, he was only two-dimensional.
where is panthenon & athena 2
persian kind allows jews to return
toad from mario smoking – It’s a dirty habit, but what else does he have to do when waiting to tell Mario that his princess is in another castle?
odin and frigging
caveman rape – Um…okay. I’m not touching that one.
ozwoz wozard
indian human skin color names
vegetable ghost
camel and pterodactyl
the lou chifer show
animated veersion of st peter the disciple
oz character tick tock the clockwork man
poseidon unusual powers – I’d say making horses from waves is pretty unusual.
what to do if a obake bites you
manga moses at mt sinai
christmas in babylon
mother famicom manuel
was jesus an avatar for god – According to Christianity, yes.
morpheus god of dreams year born – Since when do gods have birth years?
easy to draw cartoon bullets with faces
medusa retro – As opposed to Mod Medusa, I suppose.
strong hands of jesus
retro yoshi’s island
ruggedo nathan – Was this person searching for me, or is there another Nathan who has a fascination with the former Nome King?
roman soldier shaking hands
freyja’s falcon feather cloak
scottish kings ancestry to king solomon
monster with seven legs
glenn beck pussy – Sorry, but he’s a guy. As far as I know, anyway.
gaming varms cartoon
super mario bullet bill is in the water
why is the fat buddha the most well known figure in buddhism
yoshy christmas pictures
jaberwokie in movies
alive ammunition
bowser jr in his q pictures
super mario fat hammer bro
hestia animated
the uglyest dog in this universe – There are uglier dogs in other universes, mind you.
amanda palmer nazi
god making people photos – Wait, someone took pictures of the creation of mankind? I wonder if Michelangelo was working from one of them.
krishnaism funny
questionable content athena – Actually, I know what strip the searcher was probably looking for, but I don’t feel like hunting it down.
isis suckling heru
pac man dinosaur
mormon pussy
harry potter star illegitimate child – Are they trying to find out whether Daniel Radcliffe was or has an illegitimate child, or looking for some fanfic about Harry Potter’s illegitimate son Star?
skull green slime game
origins of jabberwocky – Well, since it’s a “manxome foe,” perhaps it’s originally from the Isle of Man, off the coast of Wales.
pictuers of all mario chartpers
green yoshi with yellow toad on his back
woman sacrifices for illegitimate child
ozma of oz first problem – If you mean the book, I’d say the first problem is the storm at sea.
planet-size bowser
demon with ten heads and twenty arms
mesopotamian girl gender roles
viking drown
impregnated by jesus
yoshi christmas
stories of jealous angels gnostic
medusa when she was pretty
wolf at the table
a magician with an umbrella and a clock
zeus splits his head for athena
why do drug addicts use drugs – Because they’re addicted! Duh!
zedekiah’s cave
artist renderings of the beast of revelations
wind up cartoon
hulk woman
funny but nice jokes
zelda darknut in twilight princess
describe the similarities and differences between frigg and hera
arianna huffington beliefs
the persian conquest of jerusalem
ludwig beethoven dad when he was younger
drug adicts art
green yoshi in the sea
kid yoshi
virgin mary pregnant cartoon
super mario bros wii wandy
bullets whit faces
picture of squanto return to tribe dead
black bob-omb about to go off
demeter from back
kartu remi king heart
wizard of oz wicked witch without makeup – Maybe you should try watching an old Maxwell House commercial.
the story of hera
it’s a stone luigi – What’s sad is that I know what this line is from.
fat buddha meditating under tree fat – Fat grows on trees now?
mythology about man/bird
football land – Worst fantasy land ever! Well, except Searing Gas Pain Land.
wicked witch of the west profile
dragon warrior pudding
wizard of oz characters represent
neptune+poseidon+the movie 2
gambar xtc viking anti the jack
super mario bros super mouser
native american turtle depiction in comics
the simpsons xmas book read along
penis muffin
meditating satan
cartoon torpedoes with teeth
lurline from oz
bowsers bothersome broods – When someone searches for a title I thought I made up, I have to wonder whether they’re looking for my post specifically, or I’m not as creative as I think.
beautiful harpies
persephone bride
japanese ancestors
squanto claus
prince corum
sea serpent penis
great beasts
harpies mythological thievery
paper mario old toad
pictures of the greek god death
buddhist elephant conceived
illegal immigration white people
siddhartha walking
abe lincoln north star cartoon
god making his people
wendy e bowser junior
poseidon’s mother – That would be Rhea, wouldn’t it?
the yoshi brothers
king constantine, his mariage
pacman humour
mormon opoly
constantine seal
my fairy
mascotte froot loops
them boos
wined up toy bomb – Someone needs to stop letting those Bob-ombs drink while on duty.
greek gods shaking hands
wizard oldman
captured jack pumpkinhead
santa ruler of the north pole

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6 Responses to I Came, I Saw, I Tried a Different Search

  1. Jared Davis says:

    “jared gregory davis video games and porn – I don’t know what the middle name is of the Jared Davis who maintains the Royal Blog of Oz, but I suspect it isn’t the same guy.”

    … Whaaaaaa???

    Hmmm… Gregory would be a nice middle name there. I could have gone by “Greg” if I wanted… But my middle name is “Adam.”

  2. vilajunkie says:

    “amanda palmer nazi”

    LOL I didn’t know Amanda was a Nazi! She and Neil would be very surprised themselves, I think.

  3. ehamawy says:

    When you said, “I’ve seen some indications that Yoshi and Birdo might be a couple.” Thing is… Birdo is a man. Yes, it’s true. Nintendo comfermed it! In the Japanise Mario Party Manual, he is described as a “sexually confused man”. Which pretty much explains his girly ness .

    • Nathan says:

      The Super Mario Bros. 2 manual refers to Birdo as someone who “thinks he’s a girl,” although I’m not sure this is the case in the Japanese version. Of course, he’s a male who can produce eggs, albeit in an unusual manner.

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