Good Kim-istry

I first became aware of Kim Boekbinder as part of Vermillion Lies, the band she was in with her sister Zoe.

I saw them open for Amanda Palmer two years ago, and liked them so much that I purchased all of their albums.

This wasn’t that hard, as they only had two, plus a set of solo EPs. They stopped performing as a duo last year, and I can’t say I know the reason why, but both sisters are still performing individually. Kim recently released her first solo album, The Impossible Girl.

Many of the songs on the album are based on simple, catchy melodies, with a few like “Open/Avocado” having a more experimental sound. Some of the lyrics are funny, some sweet, and in the case of the song “Stalker” rather creepy, but they all show Kim’s talent for unusual turns of phrase. I admit to a particular fondness for the line “You can sleep on my couch, if I can sleep on top of you” from “More and More.” Another highlight of the album for me is “Sex, Drugs, & Nuclear Physics,” a square dance number describing the narrator’s preference for intelligence over looks and money. I don’t see how a nerdy guy can help appreciating that, even if physics in particular isn’t my cup of tea, and I’m not into the drugs either. A re-recorded version of the accordion-driven “The Organ Donor’s March,” which had appeared on Kim’s first solo EP, is also one of the stronger songs. The former Vermillion Liar definitely has a winner with this one.

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2 Responses to Good Kim-istry

  1. vilajunkie says:

    Cool! Where did you get the albums from?

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