Staturday Night Fever

In addition to my monthly round-up of interesting search terms, I’m also including my top search terms and posts for 2010. I actually started this blog in May, so it hasn’t been a full year yet, but it’s still New Year’s, right?

Interesting Search Terms for December:
colored yoshis
bizarro jewish
hammering clip art
hammer bros attacking birdo
shark arch
little nemo castle from ground
lore lay brentano
cute dinosaur couple cartoons
mario genetic toads
jessica albert puff puff
appropriate zebra picture – Forget that. I want to know what an INAPPROPRIATE zebra pictures looks like.
ate greek goddess
fairy queens to colour in
in the lost hero is calais really the god of hockey? – I’m pretty sure this is just one of Rick Riordan’s attempts to modernize the characters from classical mythology.
torneko fan-art
king kon vs aslan – Come on, Aslan is freaking Jesus! Do you really think there’s a contest there?
a bunch of yoshi
i need a big picture of the wicked witch of the west
don’t lose your dinosaur
funny nazi jokes
jesus is not an island
pagan human sacrifice
seth the god of chaos big picture
virgin birth comic
bristol plain – I prefer my Bristol with flavors.
cartoon picture of baby mario and luigi
prometheus splits zeus
the real reason you’re late for work (cat & clock)
chances of getting pregnant virgin
boreas the egyption god
robert downey jr drug history
ms. pacman christmas pictures
clothing named odin father and ruler of the gods; father of mortals; god of war; greatest of the gods – That’s a rather unwieldy name for a clothing line.
goomba brawl
obese wario
christmas zebra
samus aran porn video
history of thwomps
robert downey jr drunk
real jinnat of king
why was twoflower american? – Probably to avoid portraying him as an Asian stereotype
mushrooms that has been through the super mario games
golem of prague on the simpsons halloween episode
toads family mario
slime time at sae
morning star from the bible
oz in that bag for me
breast dagger
scariest jabberwocky picture
merman zeus
quok master
mesopotamian religious beliefs
twilight princess armored knight
jabberwocky wings
cartoon yggdrasil
information on mario’s evil twin – Mario has an evil twin? Is it Luigi?
cain painting
rudolph bumbles the yeti – I can’t help reading “bumbles” as a verb here, which makes the sentence sound rather dirty.
modern satan
multi-religious holiday card
american colonist walking
dragonquest christmas
the adventures of baron munchausen uma thurman nip
kronos gate log
lucifer angel of music
deformed bullet
frank cho pin up
wife of cohen barbarian – He marries Bethan at the end of The Light Fantastic, but she doesn’t show up in any of his later appearances.
yoshi came in last
christmas women in mythology
the bodhi tree buddha boy
hungry goomba
discworld: the trouble with dragons
why people criticize christmas
slime face cartoon
bullet nintendo right
zelda link hores
aphrodite video game character
poseidon historical picture
make murdak
what does the fruit loops toucan say – “They’re magically delicious!” Or was it “I gotta have my Pops”?
hera and zeus together on their wedding day
mario just a face of mushrooms
adam and even are geb and nut
ozmo hoppo
japanese posidon
baby luigi pictures and baby mario mario pictures bowser pictures petey pictures too
why doesn’t the statue nike have a head
banana famicom
yoshi and bowser sex
photos of muhammad’s clothes – How long do you think they lasted?
fabio character mario game
birdo love
narnia hunduism – Is that the religion of the Huns?
margaret cho worst dressed – Well, if she wore that turd suit, she probably was.
i think i need to boldly go rincewind movie quote – Honestly, I didn’t much care for that line. Too easy.
sexy away
my porno wife
share birthday with jesus
robert downey jr. young
disney drugs Like this?

make my own thwomp
cartoons pictures of santa having sex
all the mario monsters
where did hera spend her time in the myths – On Olympus, I would think.
dragon quest sentinels of the starry skies the bad cave location – Is it actually called the Bad Cave?
bullet bill
uranos nintendo
dragon quest girls
picture of people in the bible in coptic( adam and evein cartoon)
diane kruger troja naked
hott one drugs
best witches movies
steel golem cartoon
pictures of true hera
jesus rip off of other deities
but everytime i look lazarus
magnus in gospel of matyhew – Did you mean “magus,” by any chance?
poseidon’s salty ass – I think this might be my favorite, especially if it’s not a reference to something, which it probably is.
cow ancient greece
disney world yeti bumbles
jessica albert has huge tits – She certainly does, Google searcher. She certainly does.

she slime bad guys in dragon quest 9 – I think She-Slimes were originally just Red Slimes, at least in the English translation. I can’t say how you could possibly tell a male from a female Slime.
what is the dinosaur thing name (mario)
views expressed not even my own
opposite of hyperborean
dq8 captain jack – Will he get you high tonight, and take you to your special island?
penis posies
first ever ms pac man
i didn’t start the fire nero
hero’s default name dq9 – I don’t know that there is one.
i’m mentally lost
horus on a donkey
who plays cohen the barbarian – In the recent movie, he was played by David Bradley, who’s also Argus Filch in the Harry Potter films.
dragon quest 4 lost foxes
abusive celebrities in 2010

Top Search Terms for 2010:
yoshi 7,389
hera 1,344
horus 572
athena greek goddess 345
toucan sam 276
tengu 256
athena greek goddess of wisdom 239
lucifer 217
froot loops 159
samus aran 153
rich uncle pennybags 139
wicked witch of the west 131
muses 108

Top Ten Most Visited Pages:
Moshi-Moshi to Yoshi 9,317
Home page 5,190
We Don’t Need Another Hera 1,712
The Smartest Girl in the Olympian Room 1,569
The Monopoly Makers 1,148
Will the Real Horus Please Stand Up? 969
Game Girls 741
The Great Set-Up 579
The Wrath of King Neptune 578
Beware the Jabberwock, My Son! 535
The Lucifer Show 517
(Yes, I know there are eleven items on this list, but I don’t really count the home page.)

I would include top referrers, but it looks like most of them are spam.

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1 Response to Staturday Night Fever

  1. Mark D says:

    This is so funny. People really do search on some strange things. Iv’e never heard of many of the search terms, too weird!

    Mark D
    Super Mario Games

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