Everybody Walk the Dinosaur

The Land Before Oz, by Marin Xiques and Chris Dulabone – Like some of their other books, this one kind of suffers from too many subplots and too little actual development. It picks up where The Green Goblins of Oz leaves off, bringing Dumper and Yawner to Oz. Also featured are Casey and Starlight from Ridiculous Rivals, and Nibble from “The Littlest Giant” and Giant King. There’s even a brief appearance by the gypsies from Ojo. None of their adventures really amount to all that much, though, with the only plot that really has any resolution being several dinosaurs putting together a benefit concert for two orphaned iguanadons. The dinosaurs all have their own personalities, but I find them less interesting than the Oz characters, whose experiences only briefly intersect with those of the prehistoric creatures. I’ve noticed that Chris’s books tend to take a quite cavalier attitude toward time travel, but I did enjoy the references to earlier time travelers from apocryphal Oz stories. I appreciate Chris and Rinny’s desire to bring back their characters from earlier books, but they could have done a lot more with the scenarios than they did.

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3 Responses to Everybody Walk the Dinosaur

  1. vilajunkie says:

    Iguanadons? I don’t think those have been popular since the stop-motion black-and-white films with dinosaurs. (“Journey to the Center of the Earth” for one example.) But…I guess Chris (not me, the author) is nostalgic for when dinosaurs were all slow, coldblooded, grayish-green things…and if his time-line is based on when the copyright-free books were published, I guess that fits with iguandons being a popular and “new” species/genus around 1939.

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