Talk Like a King, My Son

The King’s Speech – I hadn’t originally intended to watch this movie, but my mom had received tickets from her work for agreeing to work on Christmas, so we went to see it today. I didn’t really know anything about it previously, but it was about how King George VI underwent unorthodox treatment in order to overcome his speech impediment. The film’s structure was pretty familiar if you’ve seen just about anything concerning a radical therapist making a breakthrough with someone when traditional doctors failed, but it was well acted, and I found the historical context interesting. The film suggested that the king’s stammer had developed due to his his cold, strict upbringing, which doesn’t strike me as all that far-fetched. Oh, and remember how I said in my review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 that I wasn’t sure Helena Bonham Carter could play any other roles? Well, I guess that’s not true, since I didn’t get the sense in this movie that Queen Elizabeth (the mother of the current one) wanted to have filthy sex with a dark lord. I think it might have been because her hair was brushed. {g}

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5 Responses to Talk Like a King, My Son

  1. vilajunkie says:

    Wow! Is there a clear picture of Helena Bonham Carter as Queen Elizabeth I anywhere?

    • Nathan says:

      Here’s a pretty good picture:

      Just to nitpick, she didn’t play Queen Elizabeth I, but rather Elizabeth the Queen Mother. Only reigning monarchs get numbers, apparently.

      • vilajunkie says:

        Ah. Weird. Well, I meant the Queen Mother/Mum anyway, not Good Queen Bess. And definitely not the current queen. :P

  2. ozaline says:

    could also be cause the closest thing to a Dark Lord around at the time was a short man with a Charlie Chaplin mustache (though he wouldn’t be elected chancellor of Germany for another 11 years after the time the movie was set)

    • Nathan says:

      There was actually an exchange in the movie in which Edward VIII says that Hitler will sort out Europe, perhaps referring to the rumors that he was a Nazi sympathizer.

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