Gaga for Baphomet

Did you know that Lady Gaga is a worshipper of the devil-god Baphomet? No, seriously! Do a Google search for it, and you’ll come up with numerous pages claiming this, often with a lot of misspelled words. So it must be true, right? Also implicated in some of these pages is Beyoncé.

Wait, didn’t she name Destiny’s Child after a Bible verse? I suppose it’s always the person you least suspect, because Satan comes as an angel of light. Except apparently a lot of people DO suspect her, so…oh, never mind. I have to thank Tas33 for alerting me to this.

So who is Baphomet? Well, if you ask a conspiracy theorist, he’s a goat-headed demon worshipped by the Knights Templar, the Freemasons, the Illuminati, and the Babysitters’ Club. And he probably shot JFK, too. If you ask a skeptic, it’s a misspelling of “Muhammad” that first appears in a poem from the late twelfth century about the Seventh Crusade. Later, the name came to be associated with the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, better known as the Knights Templar, who fought in the Crusades. When the tide turned against the Knights Templar, opponents began accusing them of occult activity, idol worship, and incorporating Islamic beliefs into their theology. When tortured, some of them admitted to worshipping the demon Baphomet, but many later recanted. It’s been pretty well established that torture victims usually just tell their tormentors whatever they want to hear, but that didn’t stop King Philip IV of France from accepting it. I guess you could consider Philip the Dick Cheney of the fourteenth century. Baphomet later came to be associated with Freemasons, who were sort of the spiritual successors to the Knights Templar in terms of having secret rituals and being suspected of occult activity and running the world behind the scenes. The specific association of Masons with Baphomet dates to the late nineteenth century, and a book exposing Freemasonry that the author eventually admitted was a hoax.

The Illuminati are not the same as the Masons, but were most likely based on them, and hence are subject to many of the same accusations. In fact, they’re probably more popular among conspiracy theorists now that much of Masonry has been demystified. According to Wikipedia, the original organization known as the Illuminati was a small Bavarian group that only lasted about a decade in the late eighteenth century, but rumors of its surviving and being the secret power behind the world’s governments are still alive and well. I actually first heard about them on the cartoon Gargoyles. Anyway, Baphomet enjoyed a resurgence in the nineteenth century under the self-styled magician Eliphas Levi, who first drew the Sabbatic Goat image of the demon, possibly based partially on carvings on Templar churches.

Of course, the image of the Devil with goat-like features was very well established by this point, so Levi might have just been drawing what everyone assumed a demon would look like. And the rest is paranoid fake history.

How does Lady Gaga fit into all this? Well, here’s what I’ve gathered from the websites devoted to the topic:

  • She posed like Baphomet before.

    Wait, it’s a Baphomet pose just because her left arm is lower than her right? The gesture she’s making with her right hand looks nothing like Baphomet’s in the accompanying picture.

  • She uses goat heads in her videos, and has been known to wear hats with horns on them.

    Those looks more like antlers to me, but what do I know?

  • She often covers one eye, which symbolizes the all-seeing Eye of Horus from Egyptian mythology, as also seen on the back of the dollar bill.

    Does that mean Suzanne Vega is also in the Illuminati?

    My name is Lucifer. I live on the second floor.

  • She’s a hermaphrodite, and Baphomet also has male and female features. Even if it’s true that she’s hermaphroditic (and that rumor seems to have largely died down as of late), does this mean that everyone born with genitalia of both sexes has no choice but to be a Satanist? You’d think God would stop making people that way, then, wouldn’t you?

The accusations are obviously just as absurd as you’d expect, but there’s still the question of whether the occult symbolism that people are seeing was intentional. I’d say that most of this is so much of a stretch that it’s highly unlikely. That said, I’m sure Ms. Germanotta is enjoying the attention, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if she were to start incorporating some of this stuff on purpose. I know I would, if I were in her situation.

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19 Responses to Gaga for Baphomet

  1. I am sure she does a lot of it on purpose. She’s pretty smart and knows how to grease the press’ wheels. I have seen a picture of Beyonce with a Baphomet ring, but I imagine it is the same with her.

    Also, Dennis Wheatley, author of The Devil Rides Out among others, reffered to Baphomet as The Goat of Mendes. That might be a turn-of-the-century thing, as Wheatley tended to point at Crowley a lot.

    • Nathan says:

      I’m sure most of what she does is on purpose, but some of those pictures supposedly proving her Illuminati connections were real stretches.

      I get the impression that Crowley incorporated just about everything people believed about Satan into his own mythology.

      The Goat of Mendes? Is Eva in on this, too? :P

  2. Daskaea says:

    I have nothing to add to this conversation except that I find the whole Illuminati conspiracy hilarious. I have a friend on facebook who whole-heartedly believes in it and is constantly posting videos of “proof” that B and Gaga are worshipers of Baphomet, and that everything in the media is controlled by the Illuminati. I can’t help but think of the cult in that one Simpsons episodes.
    BTW I have a great picture of Hello Kitty-fied Baphomet that I think you will appreciate. I will scrounge it up for you when I get home.

  3. Daskaea says:

    Speaking of Hollywood & Baphomet, it’s the new Kabbalah for celebs. Kabbalah? Remember when EVERYONE was wearing a $200 piece of red string? Madge, Brit Brit, Ashton, Demi, Paris, LiLo. Bitch please. Soooo 2005. We’re worshiping a goat now. It’s the new fab thing to do.

    • Nathan says:

      I always thought it was weird how Kabbalah was Jewish mysticism, yet none of the celebrities who were interested in it actually converted to Judaism. I guess that’s like how Theosophy was with Hinduism.

  4. vilajunkie says:

    …So would the tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorists who are obsessed with the Illuminati be called the Aluminumati? ;) They should be checking out Lou Malnati ( too just in case he’s connected to the First Bank of Zion too. I mean, hey, Chicago is the most corrupt body politic in the United States! (And that’s coming from someone who will have to suffer through Rahm Emmanuel–his first name means either “mercy” or “high and lofty” while his last name is a synonym for Jesus as the Messiah, and he’s currently a “prophet” of the President, hmm…– as another possible Mayor for Life, and I don’t even have a say in voting for/against him, despite everything legislative in Chicago affecting me directly.)

    • Nathan says:

      I’ve heard of pizza parlors having ties to the Mafia, but not the Illuminati. I have to suspect that pizza is the equivalent of soma from Brave New World, since it’s addictive and calming. Well, at least it is for me.

  5. Ray Boone says:

    well i for one love her music but ive been hearing things about lady gaga like shez in something call illumanite or something like that and in most of her pictures she covering her left eye and in some she holds up the six six six sign to her eye and she always have some affiliation with the ram called baphomet…i really hope its not true but if it is i guess i gotta stop listening to her music then….thanks!

    • Nathan says:

      The whole accusation is on about the same level as Paul McCartney having died in 1965.

    • Roxanne says:

      it is more than true, they have sold their soul for fame and gaga do not even hide it if you know what I mean. they promote ”do what that will” aleister crowley’ moto and you’ll see more and more Satanism in the music industry and elsewhere, all that for we worship the beast and take the rfid…and go in perdition of course

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  8. Roxanne says:

    get informed! its not that complicated to understand but you have to dig a little bit more than that to get to the truth. it took me 2 years of research to be 100% sure. don’t let anyone feed you what to think. (and sorry for my poor English, i’m a French Canadian) not all the informations on the internet is true of course but start with freemasonry,Satanism and symbolism (mk ultra is intresting too) you’ll get to the core. good luck everybody and god bless you!

  9. Name says:

    The picture of Suzanne Vega features more Satanic symbols than juts covering one eye. The apple is one. The 6 she forms with her hand is another.

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