Let’s Play Money Making Game

Did you know that The Legend of Zelda is now twenty-five years old? You probably did, because it’s all over the Internet. So I feel it would be appropriate if I made a post related to it, although I can’t think of any specific topic to address. Hey, remember how the cartridge was a shiny gold color?

Another thing about that game was that it was hard. Well, most video games are hard for me, but I mean it was difficult compared to later Zelda games. While pretty much all of them involve a lot of bombing walls and burning trees to find secret passages (good thing for Link that Hyrule apparently doesn’t have an EPA), later ones tend to give you some indication as to where to do that, like a crack in a wall or something. With the first game, though, not so much. You could be bombing and burning for days without uncovering everything you need, especially in the second quest. Also, the Hyrule of the original game is rather sparsely populated. Usually there’s a town or something where you can meet friendly people, but the original doesn’t even have the typical Kakariko Village with its vengeful chickens.

In fact, as I mentioned in this post, if you compare the map of the first game with that of A Link from the Past, there’s a huge graveyard in place of the village. Morbid, huh? The people living in caves are presumably the crazy survivalists who didn’t flee the land when it was overrun with monsters, stockpiling cans of beans and bottles of water. Well, them and the old men giving cryptic and badly translated advice, who occasionally even have their own rooms in the underworld. Hey, when you can get your torches to shoot at intruders, what do you have to fear from monsters?

While Hyrule and its neighboring lands do develop a lot more in later games, there are a lot of elements from the first one that keep reappearing: bombs, boomerangs, heart containers, Moblins, Zoras, Gohmas, fairy ponds, princesses named Zelda…hey, even the flute could be considered sort of a precursor to the Ocarina of Time, and don’t forget that it plays the same tune as the warp whistles in Super Mario Bros. 3.

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2 Responses to Let’s Play Money Making Game

  1. vilajunkie says:

    I have yet to play any of the Zelda games. I feel like if I started now I would be completely lost and wouldn’t be able to talk about it with fans since I would only know the first game I played.

    • Nathan says:

      I don’t think you’d be lost, because the Zelda games can all be played independently, as far as I can tell. It’s actually when you DO try to fit all the games together that they become complicated.

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