Obama vs. Obesity

Not too long ago, Bill Maher did a bit on how ridiculous it is for Republicans to criticize Michelle Obama’s nutrition and health campaign, because it’s just such an innocuous thing. For the most part, I agree. One thing that really does bother me about it, however, is her insistence that the main problem, or at least a considerable part of it, is how kids are fat. Yeah, because overweight children don’t get enough crap as it is, now we have the First Lady telling them they’re responsible for economic problems. That reminds me of when some Religious Right guy insisted that it was a homeland security issue to make sure gay people can’t get married. Seriously, what the hell, Michelle? Tavie provided a link to this article on the topic, which does a good job at addressing how stupid this is. The thing is, she could avoid the controversy altogether by just saying, “Kids need to exercise more and eat better,” because no one in their right mind is going to argue with that. But no, she had to bring in this “obesity epidemic” crap that the media are always trying to sell us, usually accompanied by footage of downward shots of fat people that don’t show their faces. But is this really a health issue? The way I see it, that’s just an excuse. By shifting the whole thing from general overall fitness to simply, “Too much pie, that’s your problem,” you’re not promoting good health habits, but rather the stigmatization of anyone with a few extra pounds. Which, of course, already happens way too much WITHOUT the media and government promoting it. In a society where eating disorders are rampant and guys are still putting “no fatties” in their dating profiles, the last thing we need is a semi-official sanction for this behavior. And hey, First Family, stop trying to blame our economic problems on fatties when you’re doing next to nothing to combat tax breaks for the super-rich, the bloated defense budget, corporate lobbying, unethical treatment of workers, and income inequality.

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3 Responses to Obama vs. Obesity

  1. Tavie says:

    I agree with everyone you just said 100%, but you said it better than I could. Awesome, Nathan. Awesome.

  2. YEP. I am so sick of the “Being Fit” = “Being Thin” thing. It really doesn’t help ANYBODY. I am so horribly out of shape, but I don’t need to Lose Weight, and I hate that everything seems to be ABOUT the goal of Losing Weight, instead of the goal of Giving Me a Spine That Works Reliably and Ensuring My Cardiovascular System Won’t Shut Down On Me. IT’S ABOUT HEALTH. And all this overemphasis on weight is just going to inspire more EATING DISORDERS, not HEALTH!

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