Gotta Shoot the Messenger on Friday

Hey, Good Morning America, way to rub salt in the wounds of a thirteen-year-old girl! Yes, that song is pretty terrible, but guess what? As Beth points out, if someone offered you money and fame for singing an insipid song and appearing in a video that involves you sitting in a car with other kids, you’d probably take it. Isn’t making mean comments about Rebecca Black herself kind of like blaming the cashier at McDonald’s for destroying the rain forest? Perhaps even worse, because that McDonald’s employee is probably at least sixteen, and Rebecca has a few years to go before reaching that age. Not to mention, um, WHO THE HELL MAKES DEATH THREATS TO A LITTLE GIRL? Like, seriously. Where the fuck were you brought up where that’s acceptable? I have a serious case of foot-in-mouth disease, and even I know that’s wrong. If you want to threaten Ark Music Factory with death, that’s understandable, especially since they’re probably screwing over Rebecca and her family anyway. But a teenage girl? Hey, I never cared for Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus either, but I never thought it would be cool if someone were to stab them. Seriously, I’m down with making fun of the song itself and the corporate machine that created it, but making a kid cry? Does that make you feel like a big man, or what? Granted, some of the critics are probably also kids, but I doubt all of them are. So, yeah. Not a fan at all, but I can’t help feeling bad for her.

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