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Hey Baba, Humbaba

One advantage to being an epic hero is that, if you feel like killing someone, you can just paint them as a villain. Sometimes the giants and dragons slain by heroes have committed evil actions that need to be stopped, … Continue reading

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How to Lick a Lubbock

House of Many Ways, by Diana Wynne Jones – As this book takes place in the same world as Howl’s Moving Castle and Castle in the Air, it’s pretty much inevitable that Howl and Sophie would put in an appearance. … Continue reading

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Vasilisa’s Venture

Those of you who know me might be aware of how I tend to be in the middle of several books at a time. I recently finished Diane Wynne Jones’s House of Many Ways (the review should be coming soon), … Continue reading

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Ozzie’s in a Pickle!

Last week, we took a look at Magus from Chrono Trigger. This week, we focus on his henchmen. Magus’ main general is Ozzie, a monster who found Janus as a child and raised him to be the Fiendlord. Like other … Continue reading

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The Case of the Ozian Detectives

Since L. Frank Baum seems to have dabbled in just about every popular genre of his time, it’s not surprising that his oeuvre would include some detective fiction. In addition to some short mystery stories, he also introduced a girl … Continue reading

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Next in Text

One of Our Thursdays Is Missing, by Jasper Fforde – The sixth book in the Thursday Next series was a good read, but I can’t help but wonder if Fforde has started to find his own invented universe too complicated. … Continue reading

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The Trump Card

The media are going gaga over Donald Trump’s potential run for President, almost as much as they do over Lady Gaga. Why are they still giving this guy attention after so many years? “But Nathan,” you might be saying, if … Continue reading

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Empty Tomb Syndrome

That’s pretty much how I feel about the whole thing. It’s like how some people will try to use the Bible as proof of itself. “Look at how many prophecies Jesus fulfilled!” Yes, IF we already believe everything in the … Continue reading

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When I See an Elephant Fly

We’re back to the Revisiting Disney series with the fourth animated film, Dumbo. This is one I can recall seeing a fair amount as a kid. It was the first of the animated classics to be released on home video, … Continue reading

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Chernobog Standard

Picture by Vsevolod Ivanov After writing about Fantasia, in which the Devil character in the Bald Mountain segment is called Chernabog, I thought it would be appropriate to research the origins of this name. Chernobog was actually a Slavic deity, … Continue reading

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