Find Me Here, Clyde!

It’s that time again! For Shop-Rite to do the Can-Can! No, wait, I mean time to share my search results for March.

Top ten search results for the past thirty days:

yoshi 172
toucan sam 87
harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 74
horus 73
demeter 69
bowser 56
the pipettes 43
pepe le pew girlfriend 36
froot loops 36
tengu 33

While it’s nice to see I’m getting so many hits, aren’t there a lot of other pages with more information on every single one of these topics? Wouldn’t you have to sift through a lot of Google pages before coming across a link to this blog?

Other results I found interesting:

go insane save lampoil
paintings of goddess of all beliefs
sorcerers buddihism
baby luigi ren pictures
everything in wolves
the autentic calipso
blame confucius
the orange yoshi dinosaur off of the series mario
describe the jabberwock in jabberwocky lewis carroll – It has jaws that bite and claws that catch, as well as eyes of flame.
jamaica nymph calypso
whay are colored mushroom head guys from yoshi called
ancestor painting mean
dinosaurier iguanodon
rhianna pratchett tits – Apparently she’s Terry Pratchett’s daughter. Can’t say I’ve ever seen her breasts, though.
man cow horse gay sex – Come on, a man and a cow wouldn’t be gay! Cows are female!
zeus and the zebra myth
old grandma fucked by gransons and guys – Okay, how the hell did my blog come up for this? I’m quite disturbed.
scarecrow with coolaid
chris brown naked – Okay, I know such pictures exist, but why would you want to see them?
how zeus and hera ended up married
marriage sacks
what wouldn’t charlie sheen do – Be polite to a woman, perhaps?
what color is yoshi’s spike
baphomet baby name – Well, he certainly wouldn’t be confused with any other kid in his class.
cola byzantine advertisements – Constantinople Cola brings out the Turk in you!
satan plays lute
my girlfriend is pregnat wat do i do – Learn to spell.
are you a wizard – Only unofficially
what do jews think about baphomet – I doubt they think too much of him one way or the other.
merlin where he came from – Not from around here, I can tell you that!
cat money business
fred flintstone character trait – Um, he’s grumpy? Does that count?
what does beyonce have to say about her baphomet ring – “Baphomet liked it, so he put a ring on it!”
the beast from the book – Wouldn’t it help if you said WHICH book you were talking about?
yoshi porn – Yeah, how about no?
meaning behind wizard of oz – Pay no attention to that meaning behind the curtain!
biblical bdsm – I’d recommend starting with Samson and Delilah.
semen creation story – I think I know what this search is actually about, but I still think the phrasing is amusingly weird.
yoshi and birdo babys
pele hawaiian goddess of fire photos – Is it possible to photograph a goddess?
imagine porn – Well, if you can imagine it, why bother searching?
guy suck a gay
what cartoon are associated with baphomet – Baphomet Babies
mario has sex with bowser pics – I guess the tension between them was never about the Princess at all.
how to create a buddhist monopoly theme game
woman with green makeup on foxnews – I knew it was only a matter of time before they hired the Wicked Witch of the West as a consultant!
wizard of oz magic bag name – I don’t think it has one. It’s usually just called “the Black Bag.”
shaggy mane the road to oz – Are you referring to the Shaggy MAN, or to the Cowardly Lion’s hair?
court hammer – I believe the word you’re looking for is “gavel.”
dragon quest ix character jessica albert – She’s a Dragon Quest EIGHT character, idiot! :P
pics of cartoons being regular – Like, in terms of going to the bathroom?
why did i get changed into a pig in final fantasy iv? – Because you didn’t brush your teeth and say your prayers every night.
pacman undies
merlin or wizards from literature – Either one. It doesn’t matter which.
what book did ozma have – What book did she have in what situation? I don’t know of any particular book that’s associated with Ozma.

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