I Don’t Want to See Your Moony Moony Face

When thinking of religious movements to address, I realized that I don’t know a whole lot about the Unification Church, better known as “Moonies” after its founder, Ban Ki-Moon. No, wait. That’s the Secretary-General of the United Nations. I’m thinking of Sun Myung Moon, born Mun Yong Myong in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Well, since he was born in 1920, it technically wasn’t yet North Korea. In fact, Korea was under Japanese occupation at the time. Anyway, after being arrested several times in North Korea, he brought his church to South Korea instead, and then spread it to the United States in the seventies. The Unification Church teaches that Moon is the second coming of Christ, and that he’s consulted with long-dead religious figures. The church is perhaps best known for its mass marriages, but its antisemitism is also worth a look. While raised Confucianist, when Moon converted to Christianity, he took the Mel Gibson style view that the Jews were evil for rejecting Jesus, and he mentioned that he regarded the Holocaust as punishment for this. Seriously, what an asshole. There were also allegations of his using his position to have a lot of kinky sex, possibly even with children. I’m getting the impression that he’s not a very nice guy.

Perhaps even more significant than the theology of the Moonies is their politics. Moon gained prominence for his anti-communist stance, but he’s apparently also opposed to democracy, instead favoring a theocracy run by (who else?) himself.

He’s been strongly allied with the Republican Party for the past few decades, and has apparently taken credit for both the Star Wars missile defense system and having George W. Bush elected. Why anyone would WANT to take credit for either of those things is beyond me, and while I haven’t seen any indication that he’s claimed to be the inventor of New Coke, that wouldn’t surprise me at all. He owns his own newspaper, The Washington Times, which is known for its ultra-conservative views. He supported Oliver North, and donated a considerable amount of money to Jerry Falwell. Oh, and there are reports on the Internet about a 2004 Washington dinner party sponsored by a Senator, at which he was crowned King of Peace.

He’s apparently also a big fan of Burger King.
Admittedly, I’m writing this post in kind of a hurry, so I haven’t cross-referenced all of these reports. I think there’s more than enough evidence that he’s a pretty scary person, though, and a scary person with a lot of political influence at that.

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