One Froggy Knight

Since so many heroes of role-playing video games are just your typical angsty human warriors, I always appreciate it when they give you a character somewhat out of the ordinary. I like, for instance, that you can recruit a Moogle for your party in Final Fantasy VI. The game I’m addressing in this particular post, however, is Chrono Trigger, and its amphibian protagonist known as Frog.

As you could probably guess from his name even if you’ve never played the game, he’s a frog. He wasn’t always one, though. His real name is Glenn, and he was a squire for his older friend Cyrus. While a skilled swordsman, he was too scared to take action when necessary, and he blames himself for standing out of the way during Cyrus’ battle with Magus, which resulted in Cyrus’ death. It was right after this encounter that Magus turned Glenn into an anthropomorphic frog.

Picture by Tionniel
He was still able to fight, however, and dedicated his life to avenging Cyrus’ death by slaying Magus, as well as becoming the special protector of Queen Leene of Guardia. I don’t think we’re supposed to infer some kind of Lancelot/Guinevere thing here, but there IS one ending in which Frog presumably DOES do the nasty with the Queen, resulting in the royal family being frog-human hybrids.

I guess the suggestion is that the King died early in this timeline (why else would FROG’S descendants take the throne?), but that still doesn’t explain the bestial element, or how it’s genetically possible for a frog and a human to have offspring. Did they start out as tadpole-babies? I guess that, since Frog still retains some human features, including the ability to talk and use weapons, we don’t really know WHAT his genitals are like. And I don’t think I want to know.

In the original English translation, Frog spoke in a faux-Elizabethan dialect, and was in fact the only character to do so. I guess he felt it fit his chosen career as a knight errant. This element is no longer present in more recent translations, however. It is possible to break the curse on Frog by killing both Magus and Lavos, but this means never having Magus in your party. And really, why WOULDN’T you want to have him as an ally? The character does not show up again in Chrono Cross, whether in frog or human form, but there is another character named Glenn who has a similar personality. He lives several centuries later, however, and is never transformed into an amphibian. Perhaps he’s a distant relative.

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