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Empty Tomb Syndrome

That’s pretty much how I feel about the whole thing. It’s like how some people will try to use the Bible as proof of itself. “Look at how many prophecies Jesus fulfilled!” Yes, IF we already believe everything in the … Continue reading

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When I See an Elephant Fly

We’re back to the Revisiting Disney series with the fourth animated film, Dumbo. This is one I can recall seeing a fair amount as a kid. It was the first of the animated classics to be released on home video, … Continue reading

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Chernobog Standard

Picture by Vsevolod Ivanov After writing about Fantasia, in which the Devil character in the Bald Mountain segment is called Chernabog, I thought it would be appropriate to research the origins of this name. Chernobog was actually a Slavic deity, … Continue reading

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I’ll Bet You’ve Never Seen a Skirt Steak Worn This Way

You’ve probably heard by now about the ongoing drama involving “Weird Al” Yankovic and Lady Gaga. Al asked permission to do a parody of “Born This Way,” and was told that he’d have to record the song before Germanotta would … Continue reading

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He’s a Magus Man

After writing about Frog last week, I felt the desire to turn to another Chrono Trigger character, this time the brooding and mysterious Magus. In the year 600 of the Kingdom of Guardia, this man led an army of monstrous … Continue reading

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Woodn’t It Bee Gneiss?

Knot Gneiss, by Piers Anthony – This is the thirty-fourth book in the Xanth series, and really, there’s not much new here. The fact that Anthony acknowledges his plots are formulaic doesn’t change the fact that they ARE formulaic. And … Continue reading

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My Friend Flicker

I mentioned Flicker in an earlier post on Eric Shanower’s Oz characters, but I didn’t go into too much detail, so that’s what I’ll do in this entry. Basically, he was a Winkie candlemaker who stood up to tyranny, in … Continue reading

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