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Down Mexico Way

The Three Caballeros is another Disney animated feature I hadn’t seen before, although the Caballeros were in the middle of the swimming pool of the hotel where Beth and I stayed on our Walt Disney World honeymoon. This was basically … Continue reading

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Rasta Row the Boat Ashore

In my series of religion posts, I’ve been examining different religions, explaining what I know about them and trying to find out more. I’m running out of major religions to cover, but here’s another one from the twentieth century: Rastafarianism. … Continue reading

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Duende-ling in Unbelief

If you’ve looked at the tracklist for the upcoming They Might Be Giants album, you might have noticed a song in the list called “They Might Be Duende.” I haven’t heard of this song being leaked yet, and a search … Continue reading

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You Know What I Blame This on the Downfall Of?

What with all the talk of Harold Camping, I suppose I’ve been neglecting our other favorite fundamentalist weirdo, Jack Chick. His new tract is actually a follow-up to his first tract, telling how things have actually gotten WORSE in the … Continue reading

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Leading with the Chinny-Chin-Chin

The earliest written versions of “The Three Little Pigs” date back to Britain in the 1840s. It’s thought that the tale is sort of an updated version of “The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids,” in which the wolf tricks … Continue reading

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Let’s Make Some Magic

High Wizardry, by Diane Duane – The third book in the Young Wizards series finds Nita’s brainy sister Dairine becoming a wizard, transporting herself across galaxies, and creating life with help from a computer. As the book was written in … Continue reading

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Too Many Endors

Watching Family Guy’s parody of Return of the Jedi (which I said a little bit about in this LiveJournal post) made me think about the name Endor, home of the Ewoks. Well, actually, Endor is a gas giant, and the … Continue reading

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