That’s What Woods Are For

I’ve told some of you the story (well, anecdote, really; I don’t know that it counts as a story) about how I was supposed to see Into the Woods with my ninth grade German class, but the trip was snowed out. I’m not entirely sure what the play has to do with German anyway, but I guess a lot of the stories involved come from the Brothers Grimm collection, and they were German. Anyway, I finally actually saw it tonight, in the movie version, which is actually just a stage performance that was filmed. I liked it pretty well, but I thought it petered out a bit toward the end. The first act was a blend of several different fairy tales, and did a good job at mixing their elements together. The second act showed the aftermath of the happy ending, with the different heroes having to come together to battle the giant’s wife from “Jack and the Beanstalk.” I liked the idea, but it kind of seemed to have a slower pace than the first act. Maybe it was just the length that made it drag, though. Still, it kept my attention, and the songs were enjoyable. I guess it’s no wonder Tom Lehrer idolizes Stephen Sondheim. Beth didn’t like it as much, but she DID point out that Cinderella’s stepsisters’ breasts were falling out of their outfits. Also weird were the wolf wearing a muscle shirt and the cheap material they used to make Rapunzel’s hair. I don’t mind that it was relatively low-budget (maybe they spent all their money getting Bernadette Peters), but surely they could have come up with slightly better props in these two cases?

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3 Responses to That’s What Woods Are For

  1. Tavie says:

    I always found the wolf’s costume sickly amusing, although I agree about Rapunzel’s hair. Not sure what the story was – this certainly was a big-budget musical in 1988. Maybe they spent all their money on paying Bernadette.

    I’m glad you liked it, sad Beth didn’t.

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