You Know What I Blame This on the Downfall Of?

What with all the talk of Harold Camping, I suppose I’ve been neglecting our other favorite fundamentalist weirdo, Jack Chick.

His new tract is actually a follow-up to his first tract, telling how things have actually gotten WORSE in the past fifty years, which is to say our society is way too tolerant. The first thing that really caught my eye was the fourth panel, with a pretty accurate drawing of Peter and Stewie Griffin from Family Guy, and a footnote implying that the book of Leviticus tells us that Stewie is gay.

Seriously, Chick, your footnoting is terrible, but I love it when you try to make modern pop culture references. I wonder who told this geezer about Family Guy. Then we’re told that churches getting together is a bad thing, because most of them don’t believe exactly what Jack does. Next, it’s back to Jack’s favorite activity, Catholic-bashing. You DO know that the Protestants have committed some pretty terrible acts as well, right? I guess that was also hushed up in the name of “unity,” just like why we don’t remember the Inquisition. Funny, I thought we didn’t remember it because it was long before any of us were born.

Now we come to Panel Ten, in which we’re told that Islam wants to rule the world. I’ve heard this same basic thing from other sources as well, because apparently Al Qaeda is run by Pinky and the Brain. Can’t we just acknowledge that terrorists are horrible people without making them into cartoon villains? It’s also become popular to call Islamic terrorists “Islamofascists,” despite the fact that they’re not a nationalistic movement. Ah, but Islam arose out of a Middle Eastern desert culture, and hence has no relevance to the Western world. Sort of like that other desert religion where the incarnation of God never ventured outside a very small area, but is now worshipped throughout the world. I think his name was Jeezum or something. And we’re given verses from the Quran that are quite nasty, but no worse than some of the ones in the Bible, and with nothing at all in them about killing civilians (which, by the way, the Bible DOES occasionally advocate).

In Panel Fifteen, we read that there’s an upcoming World Church. I would have thought the constant religious wars that are still going on would be a major impediment to that, but I guess not. So does that mean freedom of religion is a good thing? I’m confused, because before Jacky-boy pretty much told us that everyone should believe the same thing. Granted, this guy is eighty-seven now, so maybe we shouldn’t expect him to make sense. Except he’s saying the same basic things he did when he was in his thirties. Also, we can’t forget about how Chick considers the King James Version to be the perfect English translation, despite the numerous mistakes that have been found in it. What was so special about England in 1611 that they’d get it exactly right then, and at no other time?

So, in conclusion, our society isn’t Christian enough because we’ve forgotten about the principles of peace and love. No, wait, that’s exactly what this tract DOESN’T say. Rather, we’ve lost our way by not hating Catholicism and Islam enough, trying to update translations from 400 years ago, and having gay characters on TV. Because if Jesus taught us anything, it’s that an ambiguously gay cartoon baby is an abomination unto the Lord.

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