Brotherhood on Anuther Planet

When Planetty describes her old home, Anuther Planet, in The Silver Princess in Oz, she makes it out to be a dull, gray world where none of the the inhabitants have families or friends. People will sometimes bond with animals, but that’s pretty much it. So, as I mentioned in my review of Three-Headed Elvis Clone Found in Flying Saucer Over Oz, fans who have used Anuther Planet in more recent writings either forget about that or assume Planetty’s description wasn’t entirely correct. In Ryan Atticus Gannaway’s Sinister Gases, when the characters arrive on Anuther Planet, they see two Nuther girls walking together. Chris Dulabone goes even farther in Elvis Clone, mentioning that the Nuthers have parties, restaurants, gossip, and romance.

Also, Planetty was apparently so popular that they made a clone of her, the shy but friendly Ximbrina, who ends up also leaving the planet for Oz.

And in the updated version of Marcus Mebes’ Lurline and the White Ravens, Planetty reveals that her people had discovered space travel some time before her lifetime, and she was a security officer on a spaceship. There’s also a spaceship from Anuther Planet in Sinister Gases, piloted by a man named Blip with a disenchantment laser ray, which he uses to restore Ruggedo, who then steals the ship. Even in Magic Dishpan, the Silver Princess states that the people on her old planet are friendly. Really odd, when you consider that the people being antisocial and the world dull constitutes most of what we’re told about Anuther Planet in the canon. I guess it’s possible that Planetty exaggerated, but perhaps there’s a better explanation. For instance, what if, in the time after Planetty left, Anuther Planet had been invaded by forces from…well, another planet, and the Nuthers had to work together to fend it off. Maybe the cloning of Planetty could also feature into this somehow, with Ximbrina intended as a leader for the newly-created society. This wouldn’t explain the references in Lurline, but it would allow for the adventures in Sinister Gases and Elvis Clone to have taken place more or less as recorded. Now, there are other aspects to Sinister Gases that make it seem less than trustworthy, like the author visiting Oz and using a lowrider to travel back in time, but I prefer to accept at least some parts of an Oz story whenever possible.

These books also provide a few other details on Anuther Planet. Its legendary creator was named Kthonthus, which was also the name of the first spacecraft built by the Nuthers. He ruled a group of mystics who were basically gods, and one of them was banished from the planet for stealing from her fellows. She is said to have created the planet Attalantea, which might have been another name for or at least had some kind of link with Atlantis. Anuther Planet is located in the Hoblemean Galaxy, about five hundred billion light years from Earth and Oz, which must mean Planetty’s thunderbolt was quite a flyer.

The Nuthers fear nocturnal creatures that they call flobberhobbles, but it turns out that they’re actually only raccoons. Unlike the other animals living there, the raccoons can talk. So could a catbird named Yawannag, who was basically a giant cat with wings, a beak, bird’s legs, and an umbrella for a tail. It’s not clear whether or not he’s a native, however. Both Yawannag and a flobberhobble called Flobber join the main characters of Sinister Gases on their trip back to Oz, and decide to live in Ozma’s palace.

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