A Spy in the House of Life

The Throne of Fire, by Rick Riordan – In the second book in the Kane Chronicles, our heroes have to fight to avoid the rise of Kronos. No, that was Percy Jackson. In this series, it’s Apophis, the giant snake who keeps trying to eat the sun. There are definitely some similarities between Riordan’s forays into Greek and Egyptian mythology, including the rising evil, the gods adapting to modern life while still retaining their old personalities, and an organization that keeps the ancient ways alive. There are also some significant differences, however, like the narration by a brother and sister, and the fact that they train as magicians rather than physical fighters. In this volume, we’re introduced to Vladimir Menshikov, a Russian magician who is trying to awaken Apophis. Carter and Sadie Kane have to try to stop him, and revive the sun-god Ra. There’s a major role for Bes, the dwarf god, who’s definitely a fun character. If you’ve read The Red Pyramid, you’ll want to check this out. Well, unless you hated The Red Pyramid, in which case you shouldn’t bother.

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