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All’s Whale That Ends Whale

One of my favorite John R. Neill creations is Davy Jones, a wooden whale who is a seagoing vessel unto himself. I already wrote a little about him here, but…well, I’d say I barely scratched the surface, but that’s not … Continue reading

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I’d Rather Play Noughts and Crosses with You

This week, we take a look at one of the simplest games in existence, and possibly one of the oldest as well. This would be Tic-Tac-Toe, known in the British Commonwealth as Noughts and Crosses. It’s a game where, as … Continue reading

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You’ve Tried the Rest, Now Try the Bes

One of the major characters in Rick Riordan’s The Throne of Fire was an Egyptian god I don’t think I’d heard of previously, but since I liked him so much in the book, I figured a little more research would … Continue reading

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Anthropomorphic Antics

In this post, I’m going to look at the age-old question about how the talking Goofy and non-talking Pluto can both be dogs in the same universe. This kind of thing often seems to happen with anthropomorphic animals. Hey, in … Continue reading

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The Cat Makes the Man

There are many different stories of intelligent and resourceful animals that manage to elevate otherwise hopeless humans to fame and fortune. I remember an African tale from one of Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books in which the animal helper was a … Continue reading

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Animal Rights and Wrongs

As most, if not all, animals in Oz are sentient and capable of speech, you might think they would be civilized as well. And some are, but others prefer to live in the wild and act according to their natures. … Continue reading

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A Spy in the House of Life

The Throne of Fire, by Rick Riordan – In the second book in the Kane Chronicles, our heroes have to fight to avoid the rise of Kronos. No, that was Percy Jackson. In this series, it’s Apophis, the giant snake … Continue reading

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