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You’ll Come A-Waltzing Wandjina with Me

I’ll admit that there’s a definite European bias to my mythology posts. A lot of it is Greek, which is really the mythology that a lot of us, at least in my neck of the woods, know best. I do … Continue reading

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Clubbing Isn’t Just for Seals

I came across this article recently, and can I just say it’s utterly ridiculous? Someone else who linked to it pointed out this part as particularly absurd (and yet totally jerky at the same time): “We cater to the ‘authentic’ … Continue reading

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The Other Potter in Children’s Literature

It turns out that Beatrix Potter’s birthday was yesterday, as she was born on 28 July 1866. It’s been a long time since I read anything of Potter’s, but I do remember Peter Rabbit and some of her other creations … Continue reading

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Duchess, Duchess, Duchess, Put All the Love Back in Me

When Charles Dodgson (better known by his pseudonym Lewis Carroll) expanded his original Alice’s Adventures Under Ground manuscript for publication as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, he added some characters who have become quite famous, including the Cheshire Cat, the Mad … Continue reading

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City Bus Rules!

Black Francis, Abbabubba – This B-side collection is fairly standard for such records, including some really good songs that didn’t really fit on albums, some stuff that you can see why it didn’t make it to an album, and some … Continue reading

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I seem to be running out of ideas for Oz posts. Then again, I’ve thought that before, and was usually able to come up with something. I considered doing something about the Ice King, due to the similarity between his … Continue reading

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We’re More Popular Than Cheeses

Soul Music – I’d watched the animated version of Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters some years ago, but for some reason Netflix didn’t get this one in stock until more recently. It was a pretty good adaptation, and while I thought … Continue reading

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Where You’re the Doctor

Since it’s Game Day, here’s a post on another game, specifically Operation. You might well remember this game from your childhood. I do, anyway. It was invented in the sixties by an industrial design student named John Spinello. Hasbro has … Continue reading

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Sweets to the Swedenborgian

You may have noticed that I haven’t been writing any posts on famous theologians or religious denominations recently, which isn’t so much because there aren’t any more as that I just got kind of bored with it. While doing a … Continue reading

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They Haven’t Yet Built the Man That’ll Keep Old Johnny Down

They Might Be Giants have been my official favorite band for some years now, dating back to when it was much easier for me to choose a favorite because I didn’t have albums by that many artists. This isn’t the … Continue reading

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