The Chickens Are Coming!

The Toyminator, by Robert Rankin – This book is the sequel to The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse. If you’ve read that one, you know that it ends with Eddie Bear becoming mayor, and Jack being appointed an honorary prince and getting married. As this one opens, it turns out that the two have lost their status through a series of mishaps, so they get back into the detective game. And none too soon, because it turns out a duplicate of Eddie is murdering the inhabitants of Toy City with an alien ray gun. The two eventually end up in Hollywood, where they learn of the connection between the Roswell landing and the rise in fast food chicken. It’s as funny as (as Eddie might say), and has the sort of weird and complicated plot I’ve come to expect from Rankin. I kind of missed the Preadolescent Poetic Personalities this time, but to be fair a lot of them DID die in the previous story, and there is an appearance by Old King Cole. Also, Rankin’s recurring villain Count Otto Black shows up for a brief bit. Definitely recommended, but read Hollow Chocolate Bunnies first.

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