Momma’s Talkin’ Loud

I haven’t looked at any Chick Tracts in a while, have I? Well, here’s a new one, called “Mean Momma.”

It features a nasty woman who denies God until all three of her kids die in disturbing ways. Because that’s what happens if you’re not religious! Except Job was totally faithful, and all of his kids also died. In that case, it was a test, or something like that. Still, isn’t Jack’s point undermined by the fact that plenty of kids of Christian parents die, while many non-Christian kids don’t? And why are the kids being punished for the sins of their mother? It really makes God come across as a mobster running a protection racket. If you don’t believe, “accidents” could happen. Whatever happened to “God Is Love”?

And while we’re at it, how about another tract?

This time, Chick looks at how some Bible translations leave stuff out. For instance, one translation makes it look like Jesus lied, and he never did that!

Sounds like he just changed his mind to me, but whatever. Jack is a firm adherent to the King James Only movement, which has always baffled me. The respect some people have for the King James Version suggests that Jesus himself came down from Heaven to present this English translation to the King of England. But no, it was the work of human translators. Sure, they claimed to be inspired by the Holy Spirit, but who doesn’t make that claim? It might well have been the best translation available in its time (especially since there were only two or three other complete English translations around then), but, well, that was 400 years ago! Anyway, my favorite part of this tract is probably this image right here:

I can just imagine the music going “WAH WAH WAH WAAAAAH” behind the shrugging Jesus.

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15 Responses to Momma’s Talkin’ Loud

  1. Oh my gosh, that first one’s concept is so unbelievably offensive I can’t even retype it to refer to it beyond “that first one.” I imagine Chick will get flack from even many of his regular (non-ironic) readers for this.

  2. ozaline says:

    Some of the KJO people believe that that the KJV supercedes the original language… there’s something about it being the 7th version (although it really isn’t) and because of that it’s been perfected.

    This despite the fact that the KJV translators admit they did their best but it’s not perfect in the books foward… but I’ve also heard it claimed that that wasn’t really written by them.

    • Nathan says:

      Yes, I’m sure God fully intended for the Bible to only be accurate in a language that hadn’t been invented yet at the time it was originally written. That makes sense.

  3. Tim Tucker says:

    It also ignores the fact that the KJV version was revised constantly until the 18th century.

  4. Lynn Walters says:

    You know, I’d be much more worried about radical Islam taking over the world. We’re seeing it here in Europe and its’ starting to infect America. These are not nice guys. If you don’t convert you die. They abuse their women, children, everyone. You Americans are so concerned without offending anyone and accepting all cultures as wonderful you’re too blind to see the wolf at your door. Those Christians you hate my be your only line of supressing what we were too blinded to see happening in Europe before it was too late. Say what you will about Christians but at least they wont enslave or kill you due to lack of belief in their God.Atheists need to stop ranting about Christians and stand with them against an enemy who is completely unfair, unjust, and inhumane; Islam.

    • Nathan says:

      So thinking that Jack Chick is a nutcase means I hate Christians and have no problem with radical Islam? Jump to conclusions much?

      • Christmas Boy says:

        I’d have to agree with Lynn. You are rather hard of Christians when we have them to thank for the civilized western world. People will point out moments like the Salem witch trials but what they fail to ever mention is that they only lasted 2 months and they ended when CHRISTIANS went to the judge showing him Scripture that this wasn’t right and the judge went away and read and agreed and the trials ended. In the old world the witch trials went on for DECADES, in America a mere 2 MONTHS and thanks to the Christians. Life in America has been by far better because Christians were here and influential than if they hadn’t been.

      • Nathan says:

        So there was no civilization prior to Christianity? And the “Old World” that held witch trials wasn’t also Christian?

  5. Christmas Boy says:

    Nope. There was no civilization before Christianity. We have Christianity to thank for reading, writing, science, music, art. You name it. If there were no Christians these things would have developed much more slowly if they had developed at all.

    The witch trials were not Christian.

  6. Tim Tucker says:

    You have got to be joking.

    Christians did their best to destroy Greco-Roman culture. They burned the Great Library of Alexandria. What little that survived was preserved in the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire and, yes, in the Islamic caliphates. And for nearly a millennium, Europe was a cultural backwater of barbarism and serfdom. If aliens had visited this planet in 1200, they would have seen that the great civilizations of Earth were centered in Baghdad and in China, not in Europe.

    Europe only awoke from its narcotic haze of religion when the remains of ancient learning started flowing back due to trade with the Middle East, and, unfortunately, the Crusades (another un-Christian act that was justified by religious fervor.) When Europeans started to see that man’s place in the scheme of things was more than being subservient to a religious hierarchy, and began thinking for themselves, only then did Europe begin its rise to world dominance.

    And, yes, the witch trials in Salem and across Europe were not Christian, but it was justified by Christian beliefs and Bibilical texts. (Thou shalf not suffer a witch to live. Exodus 22:18) As was the Spanish Inquistion. And Savonarola and his Bonfire of the Vanities. And the Thirty Years War between Protestants and Catholics. And the repressive dictatorships of Oliver Cromwell and Francisco Franco. And millennia of anti-Semitism and pogroms.

    The older I get, the more I agree with Mahatma Gandhi, “I love your Christ, but I dislike your Christianity.”

    • Nathan says:

      Not to mention that, if Christianity was responsible for reading and writing, how could Jesus have taught from the written scriptures?

    • Christmas Boy says:

      The Christians did not destroy the Alexandrian library.

      Christianity is responsible for education, reading and writing. Ever heard of, you know, the PRINTING PRESS.

      The Crusades were a catholic thing, not a Christian one as were the witch hunts. The Salem witch trials were ENDED when Christians used Scripture to show Judge Hawthorne he was wrong. In Europe it lasted for DECADES. In America a mere 2 months.

      Hebrew Scripture was written.

      • Tim Tucker says:

        Since Hebrew scripture was written, then Christians cannot have been responsible for reading and writing. Both had existed millennia before Christ existed, and in numerous civilizations other that the Jews.

        And why don’t you go tell a Catholic that he is not Christian and see what happens.

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