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The Campbell Is Coming

The Book of Ultimate Truths, by Robert Rankin – By now, I’ve read enough of Rankin’s books to notice that there are certain recurring characters who show up in many of them. Their circumstances aren’t always quite the same, but … Continue reading

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Babylon Bound

A book I recently read, Diana Wynne Jones’s Deep Secret, makes heavy use of a nursery rhyme that’s apparently quite common in the United Kingdom, and dates back to at least the nineteenth century. The rhyme is as follows: How … Continue reading

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Back to the Beginning

It seems to be a pretty common assumption among the religious faithful of today that God created the universe. This is by no means a given, however, nor is it the case in some of the better-known pre-Christian mythologies. In … Continue reading

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Penalty: Go to Troy

The Trojan War was a significant event in Greek mythology and history, basically separating the mythical age from the historical one. While the time prior to the war was full of tales about demigods fighting monsters and founding kingdoms, things … Continue reading

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Everybody Loves Bremen

Since Calvin just recently mentioned the story of the Bremen Town Musicians, I thought it might be a good idea for the subject of another fairy tale post. I remember finding this one amusing when I first heard it as … Continue reading

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A Bold Gain for the Forces of Evil

Every once in a while, some rumor begins circulating about a connection between a well-known company and the forces of evil. As tempting as it is to believe such things, they’re usually based on the notion of hidden clues, which … Continue reading

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Magids and Warriors

A Wizard Alone, by Diane Duane – I can’t say this was one of my favorites in the series so far. It just doesn’t seem like that much happened, or maybe it was just a bit disappointing because there weren’t … Continue reading

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The Passion of Prometheus

During a moment of boredom, I was thinking again about Prometheus, and how he was considered the advocate of mankind. He often helped out humanity by playing tricks on Zeus, but there are accounts of his having interceded on our … Continue reading

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Extras in Oz

Okay, I’m not ACTUALLY going to write an entire post about Blufferroo, like I said last week, although I could potentially cook up some kind of back story for him. I am, however, going to say a bit about the … Continue reading

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Bills, Bills, Bills

Here’s another game from my youth, Pay Day, billed as Parker Brothers’ “Where Does the Money Go?” game. I guess the point was to demonstrate to children why their parents don’t always have enough money left over to buy them … Continue reading

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