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I Do Believe in Spooks

Happy Halloween! Here’s a look at the latest Netflix selections Beth and I watched. Hatchet II – We saw the first one a while back, but I don’t know that I wrote anything about it. It was basically a slasher … Continue reading

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Oh My Soul

Have I ever mentioned how Beth likes to watch and listen to things that annoy her? I sometimes do as well, but I find that my tolerance isn’t always as high. Back when Glenn Beck had his Fox News show, … Continue reading

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The Size of an Adam

This anti-Islam Chick Tract has Li’l Susy talking about Islamic belief on Adam. The bit about Adam being said to be ninety feet tall in the Hadith is true as far as it goes. They make reference to the first … Continue reading

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Underwater Basilisk Weaving

If you’ve read the Harry Potter books, you have a general idea of what a basilisk is. It’s a mythical snake with incredibly poisonous venom that can destroy pretty much all life, and even its breath and glance can kill. … Continue reading

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Sims and Sorcery

I remember my mom asking me at one point why I liked playing The Sims so much, when it was basically like real life. The thing is, it really isn’t. Sure, it’s BASED on real stuff that real people do, … Continue reading

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Oziana Lives

The 2009 and 2010 issues of Oziana were printed in a single volume, but they each have their own themes. The 2009 part is devoted to parodies and humorous takes on Oz, while the 2010 contains stories regarding governing in … Continue reading

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Girls Will Be Boys and Boys Will Be Girls

One thing I’m curious about was whether there were any strong reactions to the boy Tip turning out to be Ozma under an enchantment when The Marvelous Land of Oz first came out. It just seems like there’s a considerable … Continue reading

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Being Just Contaminates the Void

All right, it’s time for a few music reviews. Paley & Francis – The newest album from the highly prolific Black Francis (AKA Frank Black) has him collaborating with long-time friend Reid Paley. I actually saw Paley open for Frank … Continue reading

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Hitting Rock Sodom

When examining the Biblical references to the wicked city of Sodom, it becomes clear that there probably wasn’t one specific sin for which the town was destroyed. Still, the idea has persisted that the main sin of the city was … Continue reading

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There May Be a Boogeyman or Boogeymen in the House

Picture by Andrew L. Paciorek The Boogeyman, more traditionally spelled “Bogeyman,” does not seem to be a reference to any specific monster, but rather to any scary creature that is either the product of a child’s imagination or used by … Continue reading

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