Doesn’t Jesus Have Enough Holidays Already?

The anti-Halloween crowd is at it again, this time trying to replace Halloween with JesusWeen. JesusWeen? Come on, they have to be doing this on purpose.

I wonder how many supporters of this are also Teabaggers. (Probably not that many, actually. While I get the impression that the Tea Party is primarily conservative Christians, they don’t seem to be anywhere near as sincere about it.) Here’s a hint: The W in “Halloween” (or “Hallowe’en,” as it used to be spelled) comes from the word “hallow.” It would make more sense if it were just “Jesuse’en,” but even then the next day would have to be Jesus Day. After all, Christmas Eve is the night BEFORE Christmas. Are you following me here?

As for the idea itself, it’s really not anything new. Our old pal Jack Chick has been trying to get his toadies to use Halloween as an opportunity to distribute his evangelical tracts for years now. I think Chick is actually smarter (there’s a combination of words I never thought I’d use), though, because he says to ALSO give out candy. Here’s a quote from the JesusWeen website about that:
By getting the children involved in Jesus Ween, parents are teaching them that it is the right thing to do. The children understand from an early age that they are to show the love of Jesus to everybody and learn that they have to GIVE and not beg for candies or take candies from people.
The missus (who technically isn’t a missus because she kept her maiden name) was just recently talking about how much she hates it when people say that kids are “begging” on Halloween. No, begging is when you ask people for things they wouldn’t normally want to give you. The people who give out the candy are willing participants. There might have been a time when not giving out candy would result in eggs being thrown at your house, but I don’t think that’s so common nowadays. If you don’t want to participate in the trick-or-treat process, no one is making you. Besides, the candy is really secondary anyway. It’s not like the kids are making a profit on this, or that those mini-packs of Skittles would have been your dinner if some kid hadn’t come by to ask for them. If any of the JesusWeen supporters come to your door this Halloween, the best treat you can give them is a clue.

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9 Responses to Doesn’t Jesus Have Enough Holidays Already?

  1. halinabq says:

    How sad to see that contemporary Christians, well at least some of them, don’t get that Halloween was already co-opted by the Christians from a Celtic holiday. I guess it’s just not enough now that Halloween, the evening before All Saint’s (or all Hallows) day, is dedicated to the Christian saints. I say let the Christians invent their own holidays instead of stealing them from the Celts, the Romans (Saturnalia = Christmas), the Aztecs (Virgin of Guadalupe on the most important Aztec holiday), and God knows who else!

    • Nathan says:

      All Saints’ is pretty Catholic, though, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the JesusWeen supporters are all Protestants.

      • My son’s Catholic preschool is most assuredly having a HALLOWEEN party in a couple weeks, and I don’t think even the public schools get away with calling them that anymore.

      • Nathan says:

        It probably depends on the school, but I do remember hearing something a few years ago about public schools having “Orange and Black Day” instead. What kind of name for a holiday is that?

  2. Jake says:

    lol, JesusWeen! seriously? The more festivals we have in the cold and dark days of winter the better I say.

  3. Rose Gardner says:

    Wow. I have to share that with the world. I am awestruck.

  4. natasha says:

    jesuse is not a fake he is a live

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