My Creator Is an Alien

In the comments for this post, a fundamentalist Christian said something about Richard Dawkins believing in alien creators. I think this might be what the guy was talking about. I’m not all that keen on the god-like alien idea, but I do think it’s a way to fit intelligent design and evolution together. It seems that a lot of Creationists pretend there are only two options: that the God of the Bible exists and made the universe, or that there is no god and everything just happened by chance. Honestly, the latter is pretty much what I believe. That’s not to say that everything happened randomly; there are causes for things, but I don’t think there’s any grand plan or thinking personality behind them. To my mind, there’s no reason why there would have to be a creator. That said, just because there doesn’t HAVE to be a creator doesn’t mean there necessarily ISN’T one. Still, my primary objection to the Christian view of creation isn’t so much the idea of a creative intelligence so much as that of a PERFECT creative intelligence. If the creator is perfect, then why is the creation so obviously imperfect? At least the alien concept, as well as most older religions, admit that the “gods” could be flawed.

I’ve written before about the ancient alien idea as proposed by Erich von Däniken, and I found it rather offensive, inasmuch as it essentially says humans couldn’t have stacked rocks on top of each other without the help of some greater intelligence. Sure, humanity can be pretty stupid, but our species does have occasional insights. So I don’t think aliens were holding the hands of humans throughout their development, but I guess there technically COULD have been super-intelligent beings who have visited Earth and affected it in some way. Then again, they’d presumably have to have figured out some way to exceed the speed of light, unless they had a base closer to Earth that still hasn’t been discovered. Or maybe several generations lived and died in a space-going vessel. There are possibilities for how alien visitation might have worked, certainly, but I want to see some actual evidence. Until then, I’m just going to chalk both extraterrestrials and gods up to human imagination.

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10 Responses to My Creator Is an Alien

  1. halinabq says:

    When my kids were little I read them a story called “The Twiddlebugs”, or something like that. In this story, the Mom asks the boy how his room got so messy. He replies that the twiddlebugs sneaked into his room and had a wild party. Remember that, Nate? In the book, the kid’s wild tale turns out to be true. But in real life, stories like the twiddlebugs, the “alien creators”, and, for that matter, the creator god story, all run afoul of Occam’s razor, a philosophical principle which states that the simplest explanation that accounts for all the observed facts is the correct one. (Note that made-up “facts” don’t count here!)

    • Nathan says:

      I vaguely remember that.

      • Malin Johnsen says:

        Our imagination is based on things we know. We can’t create something entirely new based on nothing that we know of. Take a unicorn for instant. They took a horse, and paced a horn on it’s forehead. It is not a horse anymore. But a mythological being. But it is based on a horse. Right now to this day, we have science and techology to be curious on what’s out there. Back, thousands of years ago as primitive as we were. we were more advanced than we are today. They could use astrology to see the future, other than for horoscopes as it is today. They had technology and knowlegdy beyond our imagination! Spread across the earth, tribes who had no chance comunicating with each other knew the same things. So my question is. If they got as far as they did without any help from the outside. What does that say about us? Aren’t we the primitive result of what they were? or did they infact get help an insight from outside?

      • Nathan says:

        What proof do you have of this early technology beyond modern imagination, or that astrology could actually predict the future?

  2. I am an ancient aliens believer much like yourself and found this really interesting to read. You should check out my blog posts on Max the Crystal Skull, I think you’d be intrigued. This is a very interesting subject and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your perspective. Best wishes!

  3. hahaha of course i did, the fact that you’re discussing thought provoking questions on our creation is something i find interesting, i may not agree with your conclusions but i find this interesting none the less! good luck!

  4. patricia says:

    I believe in Aliens and Life on other planets, By now more than 400 extraterrestrial planets in our galaxy had been discovered, but most of them are uninhabited. And those earth type planets are rare. It is very difficult to tell who had created life on earth, a lot of people says God had created life on earth while others claim that life on earth had been created by Aliens or that life on earth originated from life on other planets. Remember, we are not alone!

    • Nathan says:

      We really don’t have a random sample, but it does strike me as somewhat unlikely that there would only be one planet in the entire universe with life. Mind you, life on other planets, if it exists, is probably nothing like what we know.

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