Oh My Soul

Have I ever mentioned how Beth likes to watch and listen to things that annoy her? I sometimes do as well, but I find that my tolerance isn’t always as high. Back when Glenn Beck had his Fox News show, she’d try to get me to watch that with her, and I couldn’t stand seeing more than a minute or two. A similar thing came up when we were on our way to a haunted hayride on Friday evening, and some radio preacher was trying to sell the standard tripe about how atheists don’t have morals because they aren’t accountable to anyone.

Now, this guy might not have been the brightest, but I don’t think he was mentally ill or anything, so he was presumably blatantly lying about this. I guess lying is all right when you do it for Jesus. Anyway, one thing he said was something I’ve heard before from others of his ilk, which is that atheists secretly know there’s a god, but pretend there isn’t so they can do whatever they want without answering to the big guy. He DOES know they wouldn’t be atheists if they really did believe in God, right? It seems that people who are sold on this idea about atheists being in rebellion against God are missing that there are two different things involved here. One is whether God exists, and the other whether God is someone we should follow and try to please. It’s certainly possible to believe in the existence of a god without thinking he has what it takes to be a successful leader. The Gnostics thought something of the sort, for instance. In essence, this is one of many arguments I’ve heard that implies there are only two options, Christianity and atheism, when we all know that’s not true. Mind you, this guy also said the ancient Greeks thought Atlas held up the world, when what I’ve read says that it was actually the dome of the sky that the Titan is often depicted as holding.

Not that that makes it more believable, of course, but shouldn’t the dude do some research before presenting something as fact? Also, his point was that everybody thinks the Greeks were smart, but they believed this about Atlas. Except that, when people say the Greeks were smart, they’re probably thinking of the philosophers from the classical age like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. The Greek myths originated centuries before the classical era, and while belief isn’t really something on which you can always reasonably speculate, I don’t know that too many people from Aristotle’s time did literally believe in the big guy holding up the sky. It’s pretty typical for myths to change over time from something people literally believe to something they use more for symbolic purposes. This was also the case with the Bible, but the fundamentalists want to move backwards and return to the literal approach.

Speaking of fundamentalism, Jack Chick is still at it, or at least someone is still carrying on in his name. This time Chick uses zombies to illustrate how we’re all spiritually dead unless we accept Jesus. He also gives us another weird literal interpretation, insisting that the soul “has a bodily shape like us, with arms and legs and can wear white robes.” It also has wheels, in case you die in the desert and it has to drive to the cemetery.

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7 Responses to Oh My Soul

  1. Ozaline says:

    I like how his aunt who he talked to when he woke up from his dream was named Emily… did you catch that?

    “Auntie Em! Auntie Em!”

    Anyway… yeah I’ve heard that too I don’t think the priest is lying so much as he’s deluded himself and lives in a black and white world. A world where anyone who honestly seeks answers will come up Jesus because “seek and ye shall find.” And the fact that an Atheiest might call out for god in times of trouble means that he must believe god exists and tries to delude himself the rest of the time.

    Some stories in the bible can be taken litterally, some can’t, same with most systems of myth.

    • Nathan says:

      Wouldn’t that delusion be immediately shattered if the guy were to encounter even ONE atheist who behaves morally, though? Maybe not. I guess it could be like how some racists consider the black people they know personally to be “the good ones.”

      The fact that some atheists sometimes WISH there were a god is further proof that the “rebellion against God” idea is bunk.

      • ozaline says:

        Nah cause they’d assume that the athiest is doing it for some reward, or because they fear socities wrath but will do underhanded things when no one is looking because they can fool society… where a Christian will always be moral because they know that God is always watching… Is how the arguement goes.

      • Nathan says:

        But if they fear society’s wrath, doesn’t that mean they ARE accountable to someone?

  2. halinabq says:

    It’s dangerous to try to deduce what people in ancient cultures actually “believed”, because we are privy only to that information that has survived. If finding a statue of, say, Zeus, from ancient Greece means they worshiped Zeus, does finding a status of U.S. Grant in an American park mean that Americans worshiped him? Given all of our contemporary movies about superheroes, future historians could be forgiven for thinking that we regarded them as “gods”.

    • Nathan says:

      I think the first known references to Zeus and his ilk as objects of worship appeared in the works of Homer and Hesiod in the Greek Dark Ages. How accurately they depicted the beliefs of the earlier Greek civilization is something we’ll probably never know.

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