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Romans Go to Camp Jupiter to Get More Stupider

The Son of Neptune, by Rick Riordan – Percy Jackson, star of Riordan’s earlier series, is back, but with his memory removed. He finds himself in California at Camp Jupiter, where the Roman demigods have their own society. The Roman … Continue reading

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The Doctor Is In

One god who doesn’t get discussed all that much but has had a lasting impact on our culture is Asclepius, the god of physicians. Actually, early sources, such as the Homeric Hymns, refer to him not as a god, but … Continue reading

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Return of the Subcon King

It’s strange how I can search for information on a twenty-four-year-old game and still find new stuff. In this case, it’s the existence of a game called BS Super Mario USA Power Challenge, which as you can probably guess from … Continue reading

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Fun with Fairies

As I mentioned in my post on Disney’s Peter Pan, the most popular conception of fairies is that of tiny people with wings, but not all fairy lore uses this idea. In fact, it appears to be a relatively recent … Continue reading

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Assassin Confesses: ‘I Shagged Hitler’s Girlfriend’

Nostradamus Ate My Hamster, by Robert Rankin – As entertaining as the title is, I can’t say I can really see its relevance to the story. Yes, it’s the title of the movie that’s made in the book, but it … Continue reading

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I had actually never seen the Disney version of Peter Pan before, although I had read the book and seen the teleplay with Mary Martin as Peter. Now that I’ve seen it, I have to say that I was surprised … Continue reading

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Paranormal Romantic Fool

With the new Twilight movie having come out today, MSNBC provides a possible reason for why some people just don’t like the series, which is that some people don’t enjoy fantasy. This is true as far as it goes, and … Continue reading

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Where the Wendigo Is Going

I don’t cover Native American mythology a whole lot in my mythology posts, but I’m going to do so today with a creature that’s made it into popular culture, at least to a certain extent. This is the wendigo, a … Continue reading

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The Fantasy of the Christ

I’ve recently come across several comments on a recent essay that tries to define fantasy as a distinctly Christian genre. Both J.L. Bell and Vorjack at Unreasonable Faith have brought it up, and my immediate reaction was to dismiss the … Continue reading

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All You Really Need Is Skin

The Skin I Live In – My wife, whose birthday was yesterday, has a desire to see disturbing movies, and had heard that some people walked out on this one at a film festival. As far as such films go, … Continue reading

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