What’s in a Namesake?

One comic I’ve been reading recently is Namesake, which I learned about because one of its creators, Isabelle, replied to some of my posts on an Oz community on LiveJournal. The premise behind the comic is that Namesakes are people who can travel from our world into those of fairy tales, and they usually share the names of the stories’ original protagonists. In Book 1, the protagonist, Emma Crewe, finds herself in an Oz largely based on that of the books. It isn’t entirely the same, though, as death is possible in this Oz, and Ozma has actually had a series of different Dorothys as her companions. Emma is filling the role of the latest Dorothy, despite the fact that her name isn’t Dorothy (I kind of wonder if her name has any connection to Dorothy’s Aunt Em, but since she’s apparently slated to enter other fantasy worlds as well, there might not be an Oz connection in it at all), and has met the Scarecrow and the Witches of the East and West. Jinjur has also made an appearance, trying to get Warrick, the Warlock of the West, to get serious about finding the missing Ozma. It’s quite interesting so far, and I like the art.

Also worth a look, especially for Oz fans, is Delusionary State, which features several of the creator’s own characters journeying into Oz and its surrounding nations. John Troutman had actually already finished a first draft of the comic, but didn’t really like how it turned out, so is starting again from the beginning. There hasn’t been a whole lot of Baum-related content so far, but the Demon of Electricity from The Master Key has put in an appearance. Troutman’s other comic, Lit Brick, based on the Norton Anthology of English Literature and occasional other books and stories, is also pretty cool.

Turning to the video game world, It Sucks to Be Weegie is an amusing comic centered around Luigi, and how pretty much always being second banana to Mario has left him rather depressed. Other video game characters have appeared, including some from the Mario games and some from other franchises, including Link and Captain Falcon. I’m not sure why Princess Daisy is overweight, but it seems to work all right in context. And while I’ve written about Captain SNES before, I thought it would be worth noting that a story arc starring the heroes of Final Fantasy VI has finally started, after being promised for years.

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