What to Expect When You’re Speculating

Have you noticed how much our country, and perhaps even the entire world, is obsessed with the stock market? In principle, there’s nothing really wrong with the stock market. People agree to finance companies, and in return they get some of the company’s profits, if there are any. I can’t really argue with that. The problem is, to my mind, that it’s gotten out of hand. We’re basing the fortunes of entire nations on an institution that’s basically fancy gambling. I’ve been told that it’s different from gambling because you have to do research when investing, but some people do quite a lot of research when gambling. Why do you think so many “how to win at blackjack” books are published? And even if you do the research, you can still lose. The only way to really make a killing in either one is to cheat, and just look at how that turned out for Martha Stewart. Mind you, I think the authorities turn a blind eye to most insider trading, and chose to make an example of Martha because they thought she was a bitch. Which she is, I suppose, but the justice system being influenced by personality is not A Good Thing. And I’m not someone who considers gambling to be a sin, any more than the Bible does (it’s the Quran that’s against it, I believe), but the chances that you’ll get a payoff are incredibly slim. The more important point I want to make, however, is that I find it rather outrageous when people look at the stock market as a sign of how the economy is. The market can do well without necessarily having any effect on the majority of the population. Isn’t the whole reason downsizing became so popular that it temporarily raises stock values? It is, however, quite bad for the people who get downsized, and don’t they count as part of the economy? So, once again, we have a pretty good idea that’s gotten out of hand. Is anyone surprised?

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1 Response to What to Expect When You’re Speculating

  1. Ozaline says:

    If you’re just looking at collecting Dividend payouts rather then flipping the stock there are fairly safe companies to invest in (the banks for one), looking for the big score is one… investing in Wal-mart because they consistently pay high Dividends and as an employee give me an extra 15% on my investment, is not much of a gamble.

    If the stock price falls for a while it just means I get more bang for my buck till they climb up to where it was before.

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