All You Really Need Is Skin

The Skin I Live InMy wife, whose birthday was yesterday, has a desire to see disturbing movies, and had heard that some people walked out on this one at a film festival. As far as such films go, this one wasn’t as extreme as many, but it was rather weird. Antonio Banderas (who was presumably making this movie at around the same time as Puss in Boots) plays a plastic surgeon whose wife commits suicide after being burned up, and whose daughter follows suit not long after being raped at a party. The surgeon kidnaps the rapist, gives him a sex change and a face closely resembling that of his wife, and tests his new artificial skin on him/her. When the experiments are successful, Banderas’ character tries to have a sexual relationship with his human guinea pig. There’s also a bit about how the doctor’s brother was having an affair with his wife, and shows up to rape the kidnap victim, presumably thinking she’s the wife. So it’s pretty messed up, but mostly just strange.

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