Where the Wendigo Is Going

I don’t cover Native American mythology a whole lot in my mythology posts, but I’m going to do so today with a creature that’s made it into popular culture, at least to a certain extent. This is the wendigo, a man-eating creature from Algonquian legend. The wendigo is sort of like a sasquatch, but it’s often described as being incredibly thin and gaunt, to the point where you can hardly see it if it turns sideways. They also give off a foul odor.

This creature is used in a cautionary manner, because apparently any human who resorts to cannibalism can turn into a wendigo. Excessive greed can also spark the transformation. Whenever a wendigo ate a person, it would get bigger, so that it could never be full. The descriptions vary from one story to another, some presenting the wendigo as essentially an animated corpse, and others as a hairy monster. I guess the growing thing could make both descriptions true, though. They were also sometimes viewed as an omen of upcoming death.

I must say that, although wendigos apparently show up in quite a few media, I’m not familiar with most of them. They do show up in the Final Fantasy games, but mostly ones I haven’t played.

And I did watch the 2001 film Wendigo, but I found it boring and remember nothing about it, other than that it starred the kid who played Dewey on Malcolm in the Middle. I think there’s definitely potential in the mythology, however, so it’s not too surprising they’ve become more famous in recent years.

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6 Responses to Where the Wendigo Is Going

  1. There’s yet another take where the Wendigo carries offenders of nature away on the wind, making them run until their feet burn. There was a variant of it in one of the “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” books and a similar one in a book called “The Scary Story Reader.”

    They both have two hunters go out, litter, carelessly do a campfire, and one of them is taken by the Wendigo as they sleep. The other hunter hears him shouting, “My feet! My feet! My burning feet!”

    In the “SSTTITD” version, his charred body is dropped in front of the other hunter as a warning.

    In the other, he goes missing and the other hunter goes back into town. A bundled up camper who resembles the missing one enters an inn the remaining hunter is at, but refuses to speak. When his hat is forcibly removed, no body is found within, only ash.

  2. Ozaline says:

    Also shows up in Marvel Comics where it fought Wolverine and the Hulk in Wolverine’s first apperance. http://images.wikia.com/marveldatabase/images/a/a9/Incredible_Hulk_Vol_1_181.jpg

  3. An episode from the first season of Supernatural was about Wendigo’s. It was a pretty awesome episode ^_^

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