Return of the Subcon King

It’s strange how I can search for information on a twenty-four-year-old game and still find new stuff. In this case, it’s the existence of a game called BS Super Mario USA Power Challenge, which as you can probably guess from the title was only released in Japan. It was sort of a sequel to Super Mario Bros. 2, which is called Super Mario USA in Japan because their SMB2 was our Lost Levels, but it was mostly just the same game. It did have some bonus features, however, including statues and cards with special powers. The game was released for an odd add-on for the Super Famicon known as Satellaview, which actually broadcast installments of games over a satellite radio feed.

The “BS,” a prefix used on some but not all Satellaview games, doesn’t stand for “bullshit,” but for “Broadcast Satellite.” Anyway, one reason I bring this up, aside from the fact that it exists, is the presence of a character known as the Subcon King.

This guy is the true ruler of Subcon, and the monarch over those weird fairy things you rescue at the end of SMB2, despite the fact that he’s human (or at least close enough to one for government work).

Then again, so is Princess Peach, and she rules the Mushroom People. There’s some kind of weird hierarchy involved in the Mushroom World, I guess. I have to wonder if it’s a case of people coming from our world and taking over theirs. We humans ruin everything, don’t we? Anyway, the King has magic powers, and occasionally shows up during the game in card form. He can produce various effects when you activate the card.

When he shows up in the introduction to present the gold Mario statues that Wart and his henchmen steal, he’s accompanied by some random guy with a cell phone. I wonder if he has something to do with Satellaview.

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6 Responses to Return of the Subcon King

  1. Ozaline says:

    Oh interesting, I thought I was pretty knowledgable about the different versions of Doki Doki Panic/SMB USA… but cool.

    I wonder if there’s a way to play it now… It’d be an interesting one.

  2. Mario500 says:

    You did not have to post what some folks may mistake for the meaning of the letters “BS” for games such as BS Super Mario USA Power Challenge if you were going to post the actual meaning anyway. It is unfortunate the letters “BS” bring to some minds a rude phrase before anything else due to the common use of the abbreviation as a short form of the phrase.

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