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Hyrule’s Greatest Monsters

I write a lot about Mario, but not quite so much about Nintendo’s other long-lived franchise, the Legend of Zelda series. My wife is a Zelda fan, but even though she has most of the games, she hasn’t been playing … Continue reading

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You May Leave School But It Never Leaves You

I watched Mean Girls last night, and thought it was good overall, but kind of went all over the place toward the end. At first it struck me as being like Heathers without the murder, but it deviated from that … Continue reading

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The Pope, the Puns, and the Puppet

The Antipope, by Robert Rankin – I believe this was Rankin’s first novel, and it’s also the first volume of what came to be known as the Brentford Trilogy. It shows clear signs of what would become Rankin’s signature style, … Continue reading

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Oz: The Next Generation

While thinking of cartoons influenced by Muppet Babies, I remembered a series from the mid-nineties called The Oz Kids. There was an article about the cartoon in one of the first Baum Bugle issues I ever received, and I watched … Continue reading

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Reanimation Domination

Did you know that my wife has a rather sadistic streak, in that she forces me to watch terrible movies? As of late, she’s made me sit through Mannequin and both Weekend at Bernie’s films. I knew about the basic … Continue reading

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The Antics of Antiochus

It’s interesting that the token attempt made by Western society toward multiculturalism is to acknowledge Chanukah alongside Christmas, when Chanukah is essentially a commemoration of a rejection of multiculturalism. Well, there’s more to it than that, but that is a … Continue reading

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Do You Hear What Herod Hears?

When you think of Christmas villains, who comes to mind? The Grinch? The Krampus? Burgermeister Meisterburger? The Awgwas? Well, how about Herod the Great, the King of Judea who tried to have Jesus killed? Well, at least that’s what the … Continue reading

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Keeping You in Yuletide

Well, it’s now Christmas Day, so I might as well say a bit about it. As Rose said in a recent post, it’s a little odd how the “Keep Christ in Christmas” crowd doesn’t seem to care about the birth … Continue reading

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Where’s the Befana?

Tonight, we’ll take a look at an Italian Christmas tradition. No, not Dominick the Donkey. It’s the Befana, a witch on a broomstick who gives presents to children. Like Santa Claus, she enters a house through a chimney, and leaves … Continue reading

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I Bent My Wookiee

If you haven’t yet seen the bit of late-seventies oddity that is the Star Wars Holiday Special, it’s up here. I just recently watched it, and yes, it’s just as much of a train wreck as everyone says. It’s not … Continue reading

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