Mario Wants the Castle Back from the Rascal

I’m not all that familiar with the Super Mario Land games for Game Boy, but I’ve read about them, and I have a question about the plot of Super Mario Land 2. Apparently, while Mario was off saving Princess Daisy from an alien invader in the first SML, Wario took the opportunity to steal his castle. Wait a minute. Since when does Mario have a castle?

Most of the time, when we see Mario at home, it’s in a small house that he shares with Luigi, located just outside Toad Town.

You’d think that, if he really wanted a castle, he could have gotten one long ago. After all, they appear to be a dime a dozen in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Besides, with his connections to royalty and all the coins he’s collected over the years, you’d think he could have retired to a country villa by now if he really wanted to. I think a defining trait of Mario’s, however, is that he’s a regular, pretty humble guy. Whether this is just his personality or the result of conscious image creation, I couldn’t say, but it definitely appears to be the case. He still identifies and dresses as a plumber, and doesn’t seem to put on airs. Perhaps he’s a bit cocky after all his success in adventure, but I don’t think anyone would accuse Mario of being an elitist. So what’s with this castle? And since it’s in Mario Land, does that mean he’s the ruler of the country?

When does he find time to attend to affairs of state? And is Luigi jealous, considering that all he has is a mansion, which he didn’t get until some time later? Not to mention that it’s on the edge of a haunted forest.

Well, maybe Luigi doesn’t want the responsibility of ruling his own nation. Am I the only one who thinks there should be at least a story, if not a game, about how Mario came to have his own land? My idea is that he was appointed ruler after saving the people (whoever they might be) from some kind of disaster. They usually rule themselves pretty well, though, so it’s mostly an honorary position.

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4 Responses to Mario Wants the Castle Back from the Rascal

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  3. TurtleShroom says:

    Mario had a castle in “Super Mario Land II”, as you noted. I’ve always thought that he, as an insanely wealthy man and a hero to all, was granted a fief from Peach as a reward for his service. In the real world, kings would often grant their most loyal or especially brilliant noblemen, and even peasants if they’re great enough, a small piece of land to run as their own. Many dynasties started this way. The same could easily apply to Mario.

    I’ve always assumed that Mario’s castle is either overseen by Luigi (who has proven his excellent stewardship by own mansions in “Luigi’s Mansion”, racetracks in “Mario Kart”, a flying battleship with a massive engine in “Mario Party I”, and large shares of land across the Mushroom World. Luigi doesn’t go to save the world as often as Mario, so he has a lot to do in his spare time, which also has room for goofing off like in .

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