Things I Learned from the Republican Debates

1. All the problems in this country are your fault.

And when I say “your,” I mean people who need to work for a living. The remaining candidates seem to be agreed that the economic crisis could be solved if the lazy working stiffs would just show some initiative and self-reliance and start pulling themselves up by the bootstraps instead of whining. Never mind that you can have self-reliance coming out of your ears but it’s not going to help if no one will hire you. Or that, in a lot of cases, people get work because of connections, and that hardly demonstrates the power of self-reliance. I was disgusted when Herman Cain said that it’s your fault if you don’t have a job, but this is essentially the position of all the Republican candidates. Cain was just the only one who came out and directly said it. Don’t you just love to hear the rich blaming the poor for everything?

2. Republicans admit they’d do a bad job.

Not in so many words, of course, but it’s implied. They’re constantly going on about how you shouldn’t rely on the government for anything, and yet they all want to be the most powerful official in said unreliable government. There are obviously many things for which you shouldn’t rely on the government, but if you can’t rely on them for ANYTHING, why even have a government? So when these people say stuff like that, what I hear is, “You won’t be able to count on my administration for ANYTHING!” Hardly a selling point, to my mind.

3. Nothing these people have said or done in the past matters at all.

That’s not just the distant past, either. A significant part of the most recent debate consisted of candidates denying things they said in commercials that are currently running. Or if they’re not outright denying, then they insist what they said or did in the past is irrelevant. Remember Newt Gingrich giving the smackdown to a moderator who wanted to discuss his past behavior? Sheesh, why not just admit you were wrong? Oh, wait, the Republicans have become the party that never admits to doing anything wrong. America should never apologize! So I guess the only thing left is trying to weasel out of past statements and actions.

4. Under the current health care system, we have amazing freedom of choice, which Obama wants to get rid of.

Over and over, we’re told how great it is that Americans can make their own health care decisions, and choose their own doctors. What United States are these guys living in? Oh, right, the rich and oblivious United States. If you’re someone who can’t afford expensive medical procedures out of pocket, you’re typically limited by what your insurance will cover if you have it, and confined to free clinics and emergency rooms if you don’t. There’s really not that much freedom of choice. And really, even if you DID have total freedom to see any doctor you wanted, who has the time or the inclination to check out every doctor in the area? Well, maybe some people do. For my part, though, I don’t care so much about being able to choose my doctor as long as I can stop going to one who sucks. And as for “ObamaCare,” I don’t know all of its provisions. I do know I’m not too keen on the mandate part, but I’m very much behind the expansion of coverage. How is that a bad thing? I’ve come across no real evidence that Obama wants to take away your right to choose a doctor, especially not if you can afford to see any doctor you’d like.

5. Ronald Reagan was God in the flesh.

And very floppy flesh it was, too! Seriously, though, I was born in 1977, which was during the Carter administration, but Reagan is the first president I really remember. I’ll admit I didn’t pay too much attention to politics when I was a kid, but it often seems like the main praise Reagan receives is, “Everyone thought he would start World War III, and he didn’t!” His main claim to fame is that he was an actor who entered into a success political career. To the modern Republican Party, however, Reagan was the Messiah. If you actually met Reagan, then you were touched by God. Like that other guy who is thought to have been God in the flesh, however, what he actually said and did doesn’t matter all that much. People who consider themselves Reagan Republicans these days don’t generally have policies that are too much like their hero’s. Funny how that works out.

6. Europe is Hell, and socialism is Satanism.

I forget which candidate is was who said something about the United States turning into a European socialist welfare state, but they all seemed to agree with the idea. So wait, if Europe is made up of “welfare states,” does that mean everyone on that entire continent (which isn’t really a continent, but that’s another issue) is on welfare and nobody works? Obviously that’s not true, so what the hell are they on about? Americans sometimes seem to forget that there are a whole bunch of countries in Europe, and while some of them aren’t doing all that well, others are considered to have a higher quality of life than our own nation. As for socialism, why is that such a bad idea? No one is saying we should become totally socialist, just to incorporate more of a sense of fairness and generosity. Even the Republicans probably don’t want to do away with social programs entirely, as much as they might claim they do. And Obama, who is branded as a socialist by his opponents, doesn’t strike me as any more of one than anyone else. Really, I wish he were MORE of a socialist than he is; his administration caters to the rich almost as much as the Republicans do.

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3 Responses to Things I Learned from the Republican Debates

  1. You’ve written pretty much my opinion on a lot of things re: the republican debate, and much more eloquently than I could have. Specifically on healthcare: Yep, it was awesome american freedom of choice when I was in the ER multiple times and hospitalized last year (totalling more than 35k in bills) and since I didn’t have insurance nor could I pay huge sums out of pocket (because I had been unemployed during/following the global economic crisis despite many job apps and interviews that went nowhere – clearly all my fault for not being self reliant enough to get hired at McDonalds or whatnot), I wasn’t even able to get the tests done that I needed while in hospital. THANK YOU, AMERICA. Surely this country is a socialist hell hole under Obama, JESUS and BOOTSTRAPS are the answer! screw you, got mine, etc.

    • Nathan says:

      Hey, don’t forget that Romney doesn’t care about the very poor. They have a safety net, after all. A safety net made of empty promises and pixie dust.

  2. Oh yeah, and Obama’s administration is hardly different than what might have happened under republicans (except he has better PR I think) despite promising campaign promises and what I believe are his own personal wishes for the country… it’s pretty much impossible to exact change when the entire government is in bed with the corporations. I’d like to see the US move toward a more European model but I doubt it would happen until we hit rock bottom, which seems like it might happen sooner than I thought with the Occupy Movement and such.

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