It’s an Odd Boy Who Doesn’t Like Sport

It’s stories like this that make me despise sport culture. Not necessarily sports per se, as I don’t enjoy them, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with them. Rather, it’s the culture that is willing to excuse anything for the sake of the game. Michael Vick tortured and killed a bunch of dogs? That’s okay, because he plays football well, so let’s wear jerseys with his name on them! Then there were the people insisting that the late Joe Paterno (back when he was still alive, obviously) shouldn’t be fired despite covering up child rape. I mean, they needed him to win games! And Tim Tebow…well, he hasn’t really done anything wrong as far as I know, but his false piety rubs me the wrong way. And now this, with courts upholding the idea that people should cheer for rapists. Even if he hadn’t actually raped her, what kind of lesson is this school teaching? That everyone should go along with the crowd on everything? According to the article, “The subsequent legal challenge against Mr Bain’s decision perhaps highlights the seriousness with which Texans take cheerleading and high school sports, which can attract crowds in the tens of thousands.” Not only do people (and not just in Texas) take sports seriously, it sometimes seems like it’s the ONLY thing they take seriously. Now, honestly, I don’t think the fact that this girl was kicked off the cheerleading squad was a big deal, but I do think the ruling behind it shows clear signs of favoring mob mentality. Is this really the kind of value the schools in Texas want to instill in their youth?

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4 Responses to It’s an Odd Boy Who Doesn’t Like Sport

  1. I’m from Ohio (Canton specifically) and I can assure you that football (as well as boys/mens basketball) is considered to be more important than anything else by a vast, sweeping majority of the people here. It’s a whole bunch of stupid people wearing the same colors and screaming and hating anybody who isn’t from the same state/city/school district.

    In high school I was in classes with football players who slept in class every day and turned in blank exams with nothing but their names on them, and I personally witnessed teachers being threatened by the school administration for giving those same football players the F’s they deserved. The idea of a “student athlete” is a complete joke if the sport in question is anything people actually care about (again, football or men’s basketball).

  2. halinabq says:

    This ruling sounds utterly ridiculous to me, not just on a common sense basis, because that’s obvious, at least to those of us who don’t live in Texas. But cheerleaders are not paid employees of the school, so they have no legal obligation to follow the orders of a coach or anybody else for that matter. Of course, I guess you take your chances when you decide to live in Texas, the only state that fought not one, but two wars in defense of slavery!

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