The Stuff of Epics

Raiders of the Lost Car Park, by Robert Rankin – The sequel to The Book of Ultimate Truths pretty much starts where that one leaves off, with epic hero Cornelius Murphy and his diminutive sidekick Tuppe planning to break into the Forbidden Zones to rescue Hugo Rune, and retrieve some booty while they’re at it. In doing so, they run afoul of the secret ruler of the world, who ends up being a familiar but unexpected figure. This was a good read, and a bit more focused than the first Cornelius Murphy book. Mind you, that’s not saying too much when talking about Rankin. A skilled but unlikeable police detective who battles demons with a sword he keeps in his cane, a plot to kidnap the Queen during a rock concert, and Prince Charles’ new personal assistant and her twin sister all feature in the plot. I have a few more of Rankin’s books on order; I guess I eventually want to read all of them, even though I understand they’re not all of equal quality.

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