Snapper Soup

There are several card games, primarily intended for kids, where the object is to capture all the cards in the deck. At least as far as I’m concerned, these games tend to start out fun but get tedious. One game of this sort is War, which is entirely based on luck. Because of this, as well as the fact that you only win one other card at a time except in the event of a war, it can go on more or less eternally.

Somewhat similar is Snap, in which someone yells “snap” upon seeing a matching pair, and then wins all of the cards in both stacks. I guess you could say there’s a little bit of skill involved here. Not that much, but more than in War. Then there’s Slap Jack, which is where players have to physically hit the pack when a jack shows up.

A somewhat more complicated version of Snap bears the quite catchy name Snip Snap Snorem.

Let’s hear it for racist caricatures on playing cards!
In this one, the players can actually look at their cards, and the object is to match the value of the card played by the first player. The first person to match it calls out “snip,” then the next two “snap” and “snorem.”

Another variation has players not matching the first card played, but instead playing the next one in sequence. The words “snip snap snorem” are still used, but beyond that are “high cockalorum” and “jig.” After “jig,” no more cards can be played in that hand, even if someone does have the next one. The old expression “high cockalorum” basically indicates excessive pride, and was used by the Artful Dodger in Oliver Twist. It’s also the name of a leapfrog-like game. And L. Frank Baum used “High Coco-Lorum” as the title of a local ruler in The Lost Princess of Oz, but I’ll say more on that later. By the way, if Wikipedia is to be believed, the German name for the card game is Schipp-Schnapp-Schnurr-Burr-Basilorum. Wikipedia also mentions
a similar but more complex game with the name Egyptian Ratscrew
, which in turn is based partially on something called Beggar-My-Neighbour.

I think just cataloging the names of various card games would be an entertaining pursuit, but any more discussion along these lines will have to wait for another post. Well, that or the comments, if anyone else is interested in this subject.

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